Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Would You Do?

It seems to be the weekend of strange things. I went for lunch with one of my closest friends today and she had quite the story to tell me.
She recently started dating this really sweet guy who lives out of town. It's her first partner and although I haven't met him, I think they make a good couple-just by judging by other people's accounts of him. Now about a year ago, she had confided in another guy-we'll call him boy B-and confessed that she had feelings for him. At that point Boy B stated that he did not see her that way and that he was not looking for a partner. Life went on and she actually moved in with him this May...just as roommates. Here's the tricky part. When she and her now partner started going out, she returned home to tell Boy B. He reacted with skepticism, but it just seemed like a normal reaction for him. The week went by, but he seemed a little off. Finally, yesterday, he took her aside and told her he was in love with her. Now, what is she supposed to say to that? Apparently he's been hiding these feelings since July. They even had a conversation recently where he told her that it was safe for him to live with her instead of some of his other girl friends because he couldn't fall for her. Then, after he realizes that she is no longer available he finally recognises his feelings? I feel bad for him because she is totally into her partner. She realizes that Boy B is hurting, and she has promised herself that she would never have purposely done something like that to hurt any guy. But, I told her that it isn't her fault. He said and did things to indicate that he wasn't interested.
Isn't it strange how life always throws you a curve ball? She's 20 years old and within a week of getting her first partner, someone else expresses interest. This has never happened to her before and so she's very confused. I guess I was a bit shocked as both Boy B and her are friends of mine and I didn't have any clue at all. I guess this sort of teaches you never to hesitate. I mean, think things through, but if you hesitate too long, things could change in a heart beat.
On that note...one of my other friends messaged me last night to tell me his parents had been in a car accident. It appears that they are okay, but the truck is totaled and his Dad is in a lot of pain. It's so weird to think that one little movement that would have been different and they could have been both gone. It sort of hsakes you up a bit. I mean, no one is ready to lose their parents at 23. They aren't my parents, but it sure makes me think about who i need to tell I care for them. I have always tried to make that effort, but when something like this happens you always feel like you haven't said "I love you," enough.
So, to all my friends out there reading this...I love you! :)


Anonymous said...

Love you too jess!

Jess and Jetta said...

:) Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

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