Monday, October 02, 2006

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

No, not for me-maybe some day that will happen, but for now it's one of my very good friends. He messaged me last night on MSN and told me that he had put a down payment on an engagement ring for his girlfriend. I was so happy for him! I wanted to talk more about it, but he was going to bed. I was wondering when he was going to do it. About a month ago he was asking me when I thought would be a good length of time in a relationship to propose. I explained that it was completely individual and that he would have to decide that for himself. I asked if they had had fights and if if they were able to work through them and he said yes. I told him that was probably a good indicator. So, I guess he decided he was ready to get serious about the whole proposal thing. *Sidenote: he said I was his best friend and that was why he was telling me first and I told him that I better be the best "man" then. He said we'd talk about it in the morning*.
I suppose I was a bit shocked at the news too. He's only six months older than me and I guess I'm not ready for my friends to start getting married off. :) I guess it also made me a bit nastelgic too because I've known him since I was nine and I remember him asking me out. It made me think, "Wow, that could have been me." The funny thing is, I'm glad it's not. I'm definitely not ready for marriage. I wouldn't mind getting involved in a serious relationship that could potentially lead to marriage-okay who are we kidding, a long term relationship would be more than nice-but if someone proposed to me today I would say "Hell no!" I have so much more I need to do before all of that stuff starts happening-like graduate university and then get my massage therapy diploma. So, for now, I will be content to watch from the sidelines-watching fondly and supportively- as my friends launch a new venture in their lives.


Little Johnny said...

hmmmmm do i know him?

Jess and Jetta said...

Yes, but I can't tell yet. :)