Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dangerous Drivers

Dear Editor,
Below you will find pasted a letter addressing the inconsiderate and dangerous driving habits of Kitchener-Waterloo drivers.
I would appreciate it if you could please consider it for publication.
Thank you for your time

People have always complained about the road etiquette, or lack there of, in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. As a pedestrian, I have often noticed that most
drivers are patient and allow pedestrians to cross the streets safely-at least that was the case for the last three years. I am not only a pedestrian,
but a totally blind pedestrian, whose main transportation is my own two feet and heart beat. I used to feel comfortable walking the streets of Waterloo.
Perhaps I gave the drivers too much credit.
Recently, I have been running into inconsiderate, speeding drivers that have no time for a university student to cross the street. In the last week and
a half, two cars have literally flown around the corners of King or Albert onto Bricker Street, nearly running me and my guide dog down. The point is not
that I cannot see, but that this is an area where students live and should be safe from vehicles. It’s just common courtesy to slow down when approaching
a residential street. There have been other problematic areas, on and off of campus, as well. Often parents picking up their children from a nearby elementary
school, speed recklessly onto Central street from either King or Albert. There have been many close calls for not only myself, but other people trying
to cross the streets. There have been many times when my dog has pushed me back up onto a curb because someone has torn around a corner without slowing.
I do not remember drivers being so inconsiderate. It seems to be that this particular September, the close calls that I have faced have increased. In fact,
in four years, I have only had one other near accident where someone almost ran my dog and I over. What is it about this year that is different? I am not
certain how to rectify such a problem. All I know that is something terrible is going to happen if people do not become more aware of the other individuals
either walking or driving on the roads with them. Unfortunately, at that point, it will be too late.


Matt said...

Well while I find it to be a valid complaint, and a conscienscious one at that, it seems to come off preechy. That's right preechy. lol. Shitty driving is something that everyone in every city deal with - someone who drives like an asshole will respond to an article as an asshole. "Don't tell me how to drive". Unfortunately, this may be something we have to grow to live with. There will be plenty who agree with your letter, but the people who are the problem will not be swayed by a letter to the paper as their "schedule" will always be more important thatn your/our safety. Sad but true.

Jess and Jetta said...

True enough, but that won't stop me from bitching. Someone will listen eventually...probably after they hit me, but at least they'll listen.

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