Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Final Result

So, it's been four days since I endured four hours of self inflicted pain to get my tattoo. I am very happy with the result! The artist was very good at shading and added in little details that weren't in the original picture. I think he was having fun. He had about 14 different colours out while he was tattooing me and used quite a few of them. The tattoo is quite large and covers the majority of the side of my left calf. The fairy's wings spread out over the front of my leg and onto the back. Lindsay took pictures and I will definitely be putting them up-eventually. :)
Speaking of Lindsay she got hers yesterday. She was under the needle for about 2 hours and she is very satisfied with her flower and vine. The flower is on the side of her calf-like my fairy-and the vine winds around her leg. If we have pictures, I'll put those up too. This guy is so creative, he had added in Lindsay's vine at the last minute and expanded my fairy's wings as well. He also added in fairy dust and stars, a necklace and a red fingerless glove on one of her hands. I was totally impressed by him.
Lindsay was very good at holding my hand while I writhed in pain-swearing the whole way. When it was her turn yesterday, I held her hand, while she wiggled and squirmed whimpering. We both had a good laugh after she was done at the difference between our reactions to pain. Her reaction went something like this:
"buzz buzz" goes the tattoo gun
"ow, *whine* ow, crap *whimper*" goes Lindsay.
Jess reaction:
"buzz buzz" goes the tattoo gun
"shit, shit shit shit," goes Jess
and so on.
I swore while getting it done that I would not be going in for number three, but who knows. I was being rash-you should never make such a hasty decision when you are under the influence of anything other than your normal brain.


L^2 said...

Yay! Glad to hear the tatooing went well for you both. :-)

Jess and Jetta said...

lol Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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