Thursday, December 08, 2005

I sit here wide awake for two reasons. 1: I drank coffee at 9 at night, big mistake and 2: my shoulder hurts. I injured it in swim practice about two weeks ago and have only started getting treatment on it. So I thought I’d write a blog and see how it goes.
I still haven’t figured out how to title these damn things, but I’m sure eventually I’ll solve the enigma. If I could title them, I’d entitle this one “Cell Phone Man.” A few days ago I was returning from the gym-as I have so many times before-walking along one of the main drags of Waterloo. As I approached the street I was about to cross I noticed a guy on his cell phone. He basically ceased talking as I drew near, but as this happens quite often, I didn’t think much of it. (Just as a side note, if you ever are near a blind person, don’t stop talking! When you talk it is easier to tell where you are and thus helps me from running you over). Jett and I got to the curb where we prepared to cross. I listened for traffic; made sure she was paying attention; and when I felt it was safe, we crossed. As I was reaching the opposite side I heard Mr. Speechless exclaim enthusiastically, “You’ll never guess what I just saw!” He continued to give the listener the play-by-play of Jettta and I crossing the street. In hockey you give play-by-plays, not when someone is walking across a street, especially when they are still in ear shot. I understand that he probably has never seen a guide dog “up close and personal” before, but I mean come on! Isn’t there some kind of human intelligence still left on this planet? I don’t mind educating people, but he could have waited until I was out of ear shot, or he was at home to describe what he saw. I don’t call my friends up and describe a sighted person getting on a bus! It’s the same concept. I am not blind-my ears work, in fact, I rely on them more than sighted people do-I have some kind of intellectual capabilities-I run about a B + or A average in university. Hmm, maybe I’ll leave this socially charged topic for you to ponder while I move onto less confusing and controversial topics.
Jetta’s birthday was a hit. Medley, another guide dog, and his handler came over and he and Jetta pigged out on a 3 layer peanut butter, dog cookie cake built by my roommate. There were leftovers and they were placed in the fridge, for I fear too much peanut buttery goodness could lead to upset puppy stomachs. The four of us-the 4 girls who make up the Confederation of the Bitches *a story for another time*-exchanged Christmas presents, as next week is going to be too crazy with exams. My roommates got me the first Harry Potter book on CD and a wooden bole sprinkled with mother of pearl pieces. The bole is to be used for displaying my small but growing rock collection. The stones have been specifically picked for their natural energy and essence. For example, I have a piece of jade for its “peaceful sleep” properties. Yes, I know, very hippie/dippy.
Anyway, I should try to sleep. I have to get up early in the morning to go get my ribs worked on. (With some luck I will be back in the water in a week).w

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