Wednesday, December 07, 2005

As this is the first blog I have written, whoever reads this must bare with me. I'm not exactly sure what to write about, but maybe this wil give some insight into the workings of my life. Today is my leader dog Jetta's birthday. She's turning five. I first got her when she was a yeear and a half, so we've had some interesting times. She's a small black lab with the biggest, dreamiest brown eyes. I think her birthday celebrations will include: peanut butter birthday cookies, a new bone and many hugs. she's already received a birthday email from her fellow leader dog, Willow. Willow and her mom Laura were our roommates when we were at guide dog school. The girls are actually half sisters. Their Dad, Magic, was a yellow lab and even though Willow has grown to be bigger than Jetta, I think they still love each other. Anyway, as it's exam time here in Waterloo, I better go study for my finals.

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L^2 said...

Yay you have a blog!!! How exciting! We'll be sure to add a link to it from ours. Have a great birthday Jetta! :-)

- Laura & Leader Dog Willow