Saturday, January 03, 2015

Reflections: 2014

First, let me wish you and your families a very Happy New year! Hoping that 2015 brings you all you hope and dream.
The past year was an interesting one for me, as most of them are. I'm not sure I know how to go through life without creating some kind of chaos in my wake; whether positive or negative. :)
There were some really amazing experiences and a few really sad ones. My family lost my cousin in early 2014 just weeks before his 27th birthday to a massive heart attack. It was completely unexpected and tragic. I think that was the saddest event of 2014. There were so many good things as well, but I did not want to look back on the year without honoring his memory...
2014 was the year that I skied in my first cross country nationals. It will probably be the only time since nordic skiing where we are now isn't really going to happen, but it was still an amazing and exciting experience. I had the privilege of experiencing the Leader Dog puppy prison program. I learned a lot from that program. Unrelated to that, I made some new and wonderful friendships and got to nurture some older ones since I got to live close to my best friend for a year. Aside from some happy moments I had some very exciting and certainly life changing ones as well.
I was accepted into two masters of social work programs and although I would have loved to move back to where I had completed my under Grad degree, I chose to go through the University of Southern California's online program which has proven to be incredibly challenging as well as exciting and fulfilling.
Mr. K and I moved again and he was accepted into his masters program which he will start in just over two weeks. I am so happy and excited for him.
We lost our beautiful Siberian Forest cat Rufio to renal disease, but before that, Kira our little rescue kitty joined our family. So, our furry family also saw some changes in 2014.
In moving to our new location, we started and continue to create new friendships. We both like the city we are living in as it is very accessible and forward thinking.
2015 is already off to a running start with my classes starting back up again in just two days. I have already begun to work on class work. It really wasn't a very long break, but I think I'm ready to get back at it. I also will be starting my field placement on Tuesday and I am completely and utterly excited and terrified. I asked for and got a treadmill for Christmas and yesterday saw my first day of training for a half marathon. I don't have a guide yet and have no idea where I will find one, but I'm hoping that if I put it out there into the universe, I will find someone. :)
I'm not sure what 2015 has in store for us, but I hope that it is as much of an adventure as 2014.


pattib said...

Here's to a fantastic 2015! The past year has been memorable for me, too, in many different ways. I guess that's what happens in life. Good luck with your studies! And give those furry friends a scratch from me.

Becky Andrews said...

So great to read your 2014 review. The very best in 2015 as we stay in touch!