Saturday, January 17, 2015

90 Miles An Hour

Not surprisingly, things seem to be moving at break neck speed around here; or 90 miles an hour.
Nala and I have completed our first full week of placement and our second week of classes. I can't believe that I'm moving into my third week already. I remember last semester moving fast as well, but this semester seems even more so.
Mr. K started his classes Monday and he's enjoying them so far. He's a super busy guy too with taking nine classes.
On top of our school schedules, our social life seems to be picking up as well. Thursday night we went out for drinks with some of Mr. K's classmates to a bar that is a refurbished warehouse. It's actually a brewery and patrons have the option of knitting while they are there. It's a neat place. I opted not to knit because Jess with pointy sticks is probably a bad idea.
Last night we had dinner with some other friends which was also just as enjoyable. We've also made plans with Mr. K's class partner to go out for breakfast once a week.
With that said, we both are treated to a three day weekend because it's Marten Luther King Day on Monday. I didn't realize, me being Canadian, that the celebrations were so extensive. My placement supervisor sent me a calendar of events and hopefully we'll be able to make it to some of the activities.
I've also been trying to work running into my schedule. So far, I've been pretty good about  running three times a week. This week I am going to try to up it to four, now that I've settled into a groove of classes, homework and placement.
Mr. Spock has made himself right at home. He and Kira have ben officially introduced now and so far they get along. Last night was the first night he was free and there wasn't any digging at our bedroom door. The two cats play with each other and I think they match each other well in their energy levels. I think Kira is still a bit skeptical and is making sure the new kitten knows she is the queen kitty, but it's been mostly through play. We haven't heard any hissing or growling; so that is a good sign.
 Otis thinks he's Spock's new BFF and runs around with the kitten as fast as he can. Roscoe sniffed Spock once and wandered away; probably thinking
"Oh good. Another one."
Nala was initially a little too interested. She thought about chasing him, but we put a stop to that and now she isn't even phased by him.
Hermione could care less as well, as long as he stays away from her food dish. I think she's excited about his arrival because we put out little cat nip mice and Hermione has made it her mission to death shake them all.
Cat nip mouse murder!
I've also continued her nose work training, building on her problem solving skills. She's done great seeking out kibble under sweaters, on chairs and hidden in boxes. If I have hidden kibble above her head, she will place her front paws on the object, like a chair, and then sit; waiting for me to get the kibble for her. If it's at ground level, she will work to get the kibble out of whatever I've hidden it in.
So, with school, my attempt at running, placement, socializing and our animals, I am certainly keeping busy. But, as we all know that is how I like it. I do have to say though, last night I slept for twelve hours.

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Kim C said...

I'm glad your fur family are getting along well! Poor Roscoe, "Another one?!!" LOL

I'm happy you are getting out socially. Very important!! I may be coming to visit you soon - if all goes well. I will be a quiet, helpful guest because I know you're both busy.

Give everyone a scratch and pet from me - except Kim - just say Hi to him!!

I miss you Jessica!! Love ya!!