Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kira: The Kitty Thief

We have a thief in our midst.
Things keep going missing.
It started a few weeks ago with my Furby. Mr. K was witness to that incident, but if he had not been, the only evidence we would have found would have been two batteries that had fallen out of the bottom. Apparently, Kira leapt on to the nearly chest high dresser and knocked my Furby, fondly named Fleur, on to the ground. Then, she made off with Fleur, Fleur  has not been seen since.
The next item to go missing were my slippers.
I used to leave them in the bathroom when we went to bed because Otis is a fan of chewing on the soles. He's the strangest dog. He doesn't chew anything else up, but leave slippers out and he can't help himself. So, I left them where I thought was out of temptation range. It might have been out of his reach, but Kira stole first only one slipper that I found downstairs in our front room and then the next night, both slippers were not where I had left them. It took me a couple of days to find both slippers that time. As a blind person, I try to make a habit of putting things int the same place so that I know where they are. Otherwise, I would spend most of my time racing around looking for my stuff. I'm not always good at it so when the slippers started disappearing, I thought it was me just not paying attention.
So, I deliberately put my slippers behind the bathroom door, one on top of the other, and when I came out in the morning one was on the landing and the other had made it into the living room downstairs. That certainly wasn't me.
Kira's next victim was my overly stuffed snowman. That is the only Christmas decoration we have out so far and I had him sitting on the back of the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. He's this little snowman with a huge body, an itty-bitty head/arms/feet and he used to have a tag on him that said, "I'm dreaming of a wide Christmas." The tag had fallen victim to either Hermione or Otis last Christmas, or perhaps both Hermione and Otis.
The morning after I had put Mr. Snowman in the bathroom I came out of the bedroom and my bare foot-which was bare because my slippers were missing-struck something soft and squishy. I thought it was one of my slippers making a reappearance, but when I bent down I found Mr. Snowman. Mr. Snowman now resides on top of the cabinet in the bathroom...far out of Kira's reach.
The next night she opened the cupboard under the bathroom sink and stole a pair of fuzzy socks I put in there for easy access. I had started wearing those because the aforementioned slippers were missing. I found the socks in the office.
Once both slippers had been recovered I started wearing them again, however, Kira had other ideas. Her thieving ways were no longer to be done under cover of night and with no human witnesses.
Mr. K and I were sitting on the couch watching some TV. All animals were chilling with us, except for Miss Kitty who was racing around upstairs like a crazy person. She eventually cane thundering down into the living room and we thought she'd assume her favorite position-butt on Mr. K's lap, body stretched out up length of Mr. K's body, paws on his chest. Instead, she tried pulling my slipper off of my foot..
Right off of my foot! And, not once, but twice.
She attempted this move only days later when I was working on a paper. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Gotta admire that, I guess.
However, the slippers, socks Fleur  and Mr. Snowman were not the last things that she stole.
Another night while we sat downstairs, Kira was racing around upstairs again. It's what Tenie and Carmen and I used to call "dancing with herself" or if there were two kitties "Kitten Olympics." Suddenly our little thief appears carrying one of my little teddy bears in her mouth like a dog.
"Kira. What do you have?" I said to her and she replied with a meow/pur with the bear still in her mouth. She spent the rest of the night carrying that bear around, but we eventually recovered that stolen item.
The mystery of where Fleur was taken to still remains. We still haven't found her and I'm not sure we will. This place isn't very big, but Kira seems set on keeping Fleur all to herself. Admittedly, I was kind of impressed that she stole Fleur because the Furby probably weighs almost as much as Kira.
Mr. K and I are talking about putting the rest of the Christmas decorations up this weekend: I wonder what else will go missing.

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Brooke, Cessna, Canyon & Rogue said...

LOL! Kira sounds absolutely adorable!

She sounds as bad as our golden thieves. If anything soft goes missing, we immediately check Canyon's mouth and crate, then we move on to see if Arizona has carried it off. they are a constant form of entertainment.

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