Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time Flies

When was the last time I wrote?
My goodness.
It's been much too long.
As I always say when I leave this blog alone for too long, much has happened and continues to happen.
Frist, we moved...again. This time it was so Mr. K could attend a msters program which he got into, by the way. Yay him! He was also given a grant that will cover a lot of his tuition. His hard work in his under Grad degree paid off. I am so proud of him.
The move was incredibly stressful. I think moving to Scotland was less stressful. I think it was so difficult bcause I was in classes-and still am in classes-and there is just so much work with this program. The first week we were in our new place we were without internet. So, I fell a week behind, and, of course it was when the work load really started increasing. I'm pretty much caught up now, but I don't think I'll get a break until Christmas-the work just keeps coming.
That said, I really enjoy the program. It's interesting and really well structured. I'm waiting to hear about a placement since starting in January I have to go to a practicum two to three times a week.
We had some struggles when we first moved in with the animals too, of course.
Hermione was stressed and kept peeing inside. I finally leashed her and have had her on leash inside ever since. It's been an adjustment, but honestly, it's really helped her. Otis and Nala were a bit more barky than normal and Roscoe just took it all in stride.
Kira tried to run out the back door a million times, but I think she's just an escape artist at heart.
Rufio is not doing well. He was diagnosd with pancreatitis about a week before we moved-more stress. We gave him his medication and we were having to give him subcutaneous fluids every day. He seemed to be getting better, but he's been steadily declining since arriving here. He's still taking his medication, but it's not helping anymore. He's going to the vet today because, if I'm being compleely honest, he is very close to crossing the rainbow bridge. He has quit eating and drinking and can barely walk. I have tried grooming him because his beautiful coat is all matted, but he doesn't want me brushing him. He used to love being brushed. It made me feel better in a way though this morning when I tried to comb him and he found the strength to walk away from me. I left him be.
So, I am hoping that the vet can help him. I don't think he has pancreatitis since he isn't responding to the medication. He is definitely really dehydrated. Mr. K and I feel so badly that he's been suffering, but with the move funds for the vet were eaten up...not to mention the crazy high vet bill we got before moving.
In happier news, we both love the city we've moved to. It's very blind/pedestrian friendly. The buses are reliable and talk and most drivers are incredibly helpful. We haven't been able to explore as much as I'd like because of me trying to catch up in school, but we are hoping to go to the market on Saturday to check it out. I know Nala is enjoying living here because we get out and work quite a bit. We're still learning routes though so I wouldn't say that I travel independently yet.
We also started a youtube channel to showcase our crazy animals' antics. I think there are three videos up now. I'd post a link, but as you all know, Blogger isn't accessible completely anymore. So, posting links/photos/videos Etc can't happen when using a screen reader.
So, that's that, really. I mean, obviously when things were going on...like moving and not having a place to move into until four days before we moved...there was more to say about it all, but that would be a book and not a blog post. The cure for that would be to blog on a more regular basis. :)
But, I'll leave you for now and work harder at writing more frequently.

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pattib said...

Wow, Jess, big changes again! Sorry to hear about all the stresses. Give Rufio a scratch for me and we'll be thinking of you!