Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Kira Kitty and an Uncomfortable Hermione

Since I've let this blog lapse into non-writing status again, there are two components to today's post. (Very long post ahead)! The first is a bit longer, but both of equal importance. Let's start with Kira Kitty.
Who is she and where did she come from?
As everyone knows Mr. K and I have a Siberian Forest cat named Rufio. We had originally got him, not only for companionship, but to show him and start our own cattery; breeding these amazing cats. However, after searching and searching for a suitable wife, or wives" for him we couldn't find any or the plans of this or that cat fell threw and eventually we opted to have him neutered. We've discussed still showing him, but obviously starting our own cattery is no longer an option.
In those plans, we always thought that Rufio would eventually have other feline company. He's quite the social guy and he seemed lonely at night when we had all gone to bed. We tried letting him sleep with us, but since he's still young, only 1.5 years, he is active at night. He would clean himself on the bed, bounce around the room, sit on top of Hermione's crate and try to bat her, climb the dresser, attack the curtains Etc. Basically, we weren't getting any sleep and Sir was banned from the bedroom during sleeping hours. Mr. K and I both felt bad, knowing that he just liked having company. Rufio started letting us know about his disgruntled state by destroying things. He chewed through cell phone adapter cords, Mr. K's fancy headphone cords and many other things. We thought that perhaps it was just naughty kitty behaviour, but when he chewed through the strap of one of my bras not once but twice, we decided it was time to find him a friend. The problem is that Mr. K is allergic to cats. That is why we decided on the Siberian breed in the first place.
In our researching cat breeds the first time around, we read a lot about darker cats (sometimes) producing less of the protein that most people are allergic to. We knew getting another Siberian was out of the question this time around. They are really expensive and really difficult to get a hold of. So, I looked at the local humane society to see if they had any black cats. Statistically speaking, black, or darker, animals are more difficult to adopt out and so I wasn't surprised when I found a few black cats. There was one cat in particular that caught my attention. She was described as "active" and "spicy."
I sent her profile to Mr. K and I think his interest was peaked right away too.
We waited about a week, talking about the pros and cons. We finally decided that we would go meet her and see how allergic Mr. K was to her.
On July 31 we went to our local humane society and asked to see the kitten. There were so many beautiful and sweet cats available, it was just heart breaking. I just had to keep telling myself that we were going to try to save one and some day in the future, I'd be able to help in bigger ways. But, for now, this would have to do.
The worker went into the room and put the two cats already out back into their cage and opened Miss Kitty's door. She sprung happily out and immediately rubbed up against us. Then she was off, enthusiastically scratching the scratching post. It was like she was saying, "look. I know where I'm supposed to scratch. I'll be good. I promise."
The worker left, warning us to make sure that when we left, we snuck out without a black kitten in hot pursuit. Apparently she was quite the escape artist. She would bust out when unsuspecting people were leaving or entering the room and go off to visit the rabbits up for adoption.
We petted her while she scratched and we were both impressed at how she wasn't afraid of us. She purred, further winning us over. She had been found on a walk way in the middle of May and had been in the shelter ever since.
How was it that this little outgoing, sweet kitten had been looked over for two and a half months?
It had said on her bio that she needed to be spayed, but when we went back out to the front desk and told them we wanted her, they told us that she had been spayed three days prior to our arrival. This made us even more convinced.
As we stood petting her while she scratched away at the appropriate scratching object, Mr. K asked me if I wanted her. Of course I did, but I left it up to him.
"How allergic to her are you?"
He told me it was hard to tell because the room was full of cats, but he said that if he petted her and then put his hands near his face he felt fine.
We would have to take her home and see. I vowed to vaccuum every second day if that meant she could stay.
We signed our adoption papers and brought the little bundle of fur home.
We think she's between 6 and 8 months, but it's hard to tell because she is so tiny. She is technically called a black smoke because her coat is black, but has a silver under coat. Her eyes are gold and she is so sweet. She talks a lot and is quite active; just what we wanted.
Rufio wasn't entirely sure about our decision. He hissed and growled at her the first day, but it hasn't even been a week and they are already kitty battling; friendly kitty battling, that is. They even have started sleeping ear each other, Rufio on the top step and Kira on the one below him.
We're convinced that she is mixed with some kind of purebred cat because her features aren't that of your every day domestic long hair. Her tail is hugely furry and she uses it like a fan to show off. She's a flirt. More impressively, she's not even remotely afraid of the dogs. Otis tried to battle with her like he does with Rufio, but she powder puffed him on the head, flicked her flirty tail and pranced off.
As for her escape artistry, she hasn't tried it yet. (Knock on wood). We're hoping she doesn't want to go outside now because she has so much more room here and more company.
We did have to teach her that biting isn't nice. She would get so excited that someone was petting her that she'd put her teeth on your hand. After saying "ouch" a couple of times and refraining from petting her, she's stopped biting.
So, our furry family has grown again and I vaccuum for over an hour every second day. But, Mr. K's allergies aren't really bothering him. And, that means she can stay.
As for Her Royal Highness, Princess Hermione Sophia: she's not feeling well. (This is the second part of my post. Did you remember? The first part was quite long).
We had a birthday party for me on Saturday which consisted of brunch with some great people, a romp at the beach with sed wonderful people and then a barbecue at my parents' house with more great people. My parents were at camp, so I brought all of the dogs with us. They had been alone on and off all day and so I thought they would want to come along. Plus, they're my family too. Some time between barbecued hamburgers and cake, something bit Hermione. We don't know what it was, but she yelped and jumped around. We thought nothing of it, but the next day she was not herself. She didn't even want her breakfast. She did drink water though which made me feel better. She was alert, heart rate normal, but she just laid on the chair. At dinner I managed to convinced her to eat some yogurt and cinnamon. I thought her tummy was upset and that was why she wasn't eating.
The next morning she scarfed her breakfast down and drank. She was still just lying on her chair. She would go out if I took her, but she wanted to go right back home. Her tail wagged, but her usual spunk just wasn't there. A friend could see where she had been bitten and said it didn't look infected. She at her supper and drank water all day. Her bathroom breaks were normal.
Today is day three and she's still unhappy. She's in her chair resting again. I checked her heart rate and it's normal. Her nose is wet and cold and she's responsive. It's almost breakfast time here for the dogs, so we'll see what she thinks of eating this morning. As long as she keeps eating, drinking and going to the bathroom I won't worry...well, worry too much. I'll have someone look at the bite again today just to make sure it hasn't become infected. I'm hoping with a little rest and some TLC that she'll be back to normal soon. As much as her high energy can be a bit much sometimes, you never want your dog to change and you worry when they just aren't themselves.

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pattib said...

Welcome Kira! And I hope Hermione is feeling better soon, I know how worrisome it can be when our furry friends aren't acting like themselves.