Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Lot to Celebrate

Between a certain French Piggie's birthday and a guide dog anniversary, my days have been filled with puppy fun.
On Thursday July 03 2002 I was matched with my very first guide dog from Leader Dogs for the Blind. That little crazy Black Lab and I had a lot of adventures over the years, many of which I have written about here, and I was lucky enough to celebrate 12 years with her on Thursday. She was supposed to join us on our hike, but her leash had been forgotten in my Dad's truck which was out of town at a camping spot. So unfortunately, Jetta had to stay home. However, 12 years with one dog cannot be ignored, especially when that dog dedicated six years of her life ensuring your safety and embracing every nutso thing you asked her to do.
Next up was Otis's 2nd birthday. I can't believe the little dude is already 2. We celebrated in the morning by all of the dogs getting home made doggie ice cream. Otis got a Hear Doggie whale toy. The toys squeak, but the squeaker's set to a sound only the dogs can hear. I thought they were a hoax the first time i brought one home, but judging by the way my dogs reacted to the silent squeaker, I don't think they are anymore. Otis loved the first one so much that we got him a second one. His Grandma also bought him a team England mini soccer ball that he now hits around the floor with his front paw.
In the evening, we attempted a hike, but only lasted 30 minutes as the mosquitoes were feasting on humans and dogs alike. I had used a home remedy for repelling the pests from the dogs and it seemed to work for the most part.
Otis's birthday was finished off with my mom, aunt, me and the dogs watching the 4th of July fireworks. I thought Hermione would have a fit, but she loved them. She was more excited by the crowds of people than anything. Otis was slightly concerned and Nala and Roscoe could have cared less. We did have an exit strategy in place just in case the dogs were stressed, but we were able to sit and watch the whole display.
I'm also celebrating Hermione's paw targeting success. It's only been a few days since we started and it's to the point where I can name the cue. I called it "hit it." She even performed it last night at someone else's house. I still have to have a food reward in my hand most of the time, but we're getting there.
So, happy 12 years, Jetta!
Happy 2nd birthday Sir French Pig!
And, congratulations Her Royal Highness, Princess Hermione Sophia on a job well done. :)

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Yahoo! Lots to celebrate!