Sunday, June 22, 2014

Don't Forget the Cat

Rufio our Siberian Forest cat is a huge member of our family. He actually has better recall than the dogs sometimes. He's a talkative guy who likes human and dog company and you can always be sure that he's close by if you're awake. This morning was no different.
I had fed everyone, including Rufio, and had just finished taking all of the dogs out for their respective relieve times. Once everyone was back in I did a small "self control" exercise where I had all dogs sit and wait while I dug out some of the newly dehydrated liver I had made yesterday. The big dogs were better at sit/staying and waiting for me to get the treats to them, but Otis and Hermione are getting better. I then proceeded into the living room to finish my coffee, but it wasn't to be.
As soon as my butt hit the couch I heard a very soft and polite meowing coming from the kitchen. I couldn't understand why Rufio was talking: he had fresh water, I had fed him and the door to the basement-his domain-was open. I got up and checked the door just incase, but it was most certainly open. As I turned around to go back into the living room the persistent yet polite meowing started up again. It seriously sounded like he was very nicely asking for something.
"Please, sir, can I have some more?"
He certainly isn't an Oliver Twist, but Rufio definitely wanted something. As I slowly turned back to the baby gate separating the living room from the rest of the house, it dawned on me. He was sitting on the counter right below the cupboard holding the liver treats.
He wanted one too.
I found one of the bigger pieces for him and handed it over. He didn't have to sit or wait, but he did have to take it gently. he is, after all, a cat and not a dog. That said, I'm pretty sure I could clicker train him.
Just as I suspected, the liver was what he wanted. He promptly, and gently, took the coveted prize from my fingers and trotted off into the basement.
I haven't heard from him since.

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