Saturday, June 07, 2014

Congratuluations To "Team Kasey!"

Not that I ever got to meet him, but Kim's first Leader Dog puppy Kasey has been matched with, what she calls, his "forever person."
Kim knew about a week and a half back that he was matched, but today is the big day that she gets to meet Kasey's "forever person." She calls them "Team Kasey" since she doesn't know anything about the new handler.
However, I've taken "Team Kasey" to mean the new person as well as the people who came before and got him to be a full fledged Leader Dog.
So, to Kim, and everyone who helped her, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


pattib said...

Yay! Way to go, and I agree with your definition of "Team Kasey!"

Kim C said...

I am so excited to meet Kasey and his forever person tonight!!

You are right, Jess, there are many people who comprise of Team Kasey. Particularly Doug and Joe who trained Kasey to behave with other dogs - an extremely important skill for a Leader Dog. Doug and Joe "polished" Kasey. They rounded out his training in every way. I will never be able to thank them enough! Nor will I ever be able to thank Rob enough for allowing me to bring my Future Leader Dog puppies to Chippewa/Pike.

I am also blessed to have an amazing Puppy Counsellor - Tammy! I would be lost without Tammy's encouragement and advice!