Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, "Grand Lassie!"

It's Nala's birthday!
She turns three today. Honestly, she kind of seems older. I feel like I've had her longer than a year, and in a very good way.
This sounds so cliche, but every time we get out and work this girl blows my mind. Just the other day Tenie, Mr. K and I went for ice cream. I was following along behind and suddenly Nala stopped dead. I was hardly paying attention since I was busy sucking down Cotton Candy ice cream. I stuck my foot out and found the foot and a half drop off that would take me on to the grass, that would eventually get me to the picnic table we were headed for. That said, if she hadn't stopped, we may have been off to the emergency room for crutches and a tenser bandage instead of a leisurely snack listening to the crickets sing. Good girl, Nala. Her stop was so abrupt and definitive that even Mr. K was like, "whoa."
So what do you give a working dog for her birthday?
Work. :D
Some would suggest she gets a day off, but Nala would prefer to work. That said, we're going to go down to the boardwalk so that it is fun work. A lot of people, dogs, birds...the river. It should be fun. I'm also making doggie friendly ice cream for Nala and her doggie friends to share.
Happy 3rd, beautiful Lassie. XOXOXOXXOXO


pattib said...

Have a fantabulous birthday Nala! What a good girl. :)

Costley family said...

Happy belated birthday Nala love your puppy walking family

Kim C said...

Kayla and I were happy to attend Nala's Birthday walk! It was great fun and great work for Kayla. All those dogs to follow! It was a Birthday Parade!

Brooke, Cessna, Canyon & Rogue said...

Happy Birthday from all of us at ruled by paws!

We can't wait to have you guys back in this area, so we can have big doggie birthday parties!

Today is Canyon's 5th birthday, so we're making him a cake and he's having some friends over.