Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snow Queen

I've always liked the snow. I grew up in a part of Canada where winter can potentially last five months out of the year. Usually the last month or so it sloppy with melting and re-freezing and maybe a new snowfall, but for the most part it is what skiers like to call "dirty" snow. There is debris in it and it is so dirty from all of the sanding done to keep the roads safe for drivers. This year it seems to be one of those years where winter just hangs on. However, it's even worse than normal. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and we had more snow fall today; enough that I had to shovel it. There are still snow banks taller than me and this weekend the temperatures are dropping back down to minus 20 C. I like winter, but dude, enough is enough.
And the shovelling. Oh, the shovelling.
I've been lucky enough that a kindly neighbour has snow blowed for me a lot this year as well as a few others have shovelled but tonight I was back out there, scooping away the two to three inches that has already fallen today. Thankfully our driveway is really not that big, but have you seen a blind person's version of shovelling? It looks like what I would imagine would look like a patchwork quilt; just not that organised or pretty. It is certainly not smooth nor does the driveway ever become perfectly clear of snow. There are usually little ridges, bumps, patches and just trampled areas that I missed while attempting to rid the pavement of the fluffy intruder.
I had a neighbour once tell me that she didn't want to squash my independence, but that she would take care of the driveway.
The thing is, I actually enjoy shovelling most of the time. I like being outside and doing something. I found myself sneaking out at 5 or 6 AM this year to shovel; long before the sweet neighbour was awake just so I could shovel my own driveway.
No one stopped me tonight, but I don't think they were home. Of course when we get half a metre in one day I appreciate Mr. Snow Blower man. Not to mention, Old Man Winter, you have over stayed your welcome this winter. Sure I have thoroughly enjoyed cross country skiing and even shovelling from time to time, but Sir, I would like to stop wearing 800 layers when I walk from my front door to the car because it is so cold out my nose hairs freeze in 30 seconds. I also would like to start running and wearing shorts and sandals. Even before the shorts and sandals I would like to smell the grass growing and hear the birds returning. I can't believe it's the end of March and I haven't heard one robin yet.
Not one!
So even though I love winter, I am definitely over it for this year.


pattib said...

But, I'M not done skiing yet!!!!

Just Jess for now said...

LOL Guess I would feel the same if I could ski out my back door too. :)