Saturday, March 01, 2014

Over the Edge

"It's huge!" I exclaimed as I cornered Mr. K on the couch. "Look!" I said, dropping one of Hermione's clipped claws into his flattened palm. As I did so I began to think that I had lost it. I was turning into, or had already turned into, an even more crazy dog mom. I was like one of those parents who video their kid's first use of the potty. At least in that case it was their first use, but really? Do I need to see your kid poop? Then again, who the heck cared about Hermione's nail trimmings; regardless of how big it was.
In my defence I was excited because I had trimmed all of Hermione's claws in one sitting for the first time ever.
 Usually I have to do it in stages and have to have a third party distracting her. Last time I had Tenie hold Hermione and play Hermione's singing game with her. Basically, you sing in ridiculous tones and Hermione presses her face against yours and sings along. This is her favourite game to play with Mr. K and it was a good way to trim her claws.
This time, I set her on the kitchen counter, fed her a piece of soy cheese and then clipped one claw. She wasn't impressed, but after the first snip I quickly crammed more soy cheese into her mouth. With every clip she got more cheese. She's smart and caught on quickly. Soon, all claws had been trimmed and half a slice of soy cheese had been consumed. I fed her one more piece as I lowered her to the floor and had a dance party with her. I found the giant claw as I was cleaning the counter and thought, "I should show this to Mr. K or my mom." What ever possessed me to show off my prized claw I have no idea. I mean, really? Who wants to see my dog's claw?
I could have just told Mr. K about my triumph over nail trimming time with Hermione, but nooooooo! I had to take it one step further and show him the tangible proof that it had actually happened and that it was successful. Again, back to the kid potty training: I wouldn't want someone to send me a photo of the used pot. Why on earth would a dog's toe nail be any different? Sure, poop is a bit more gross than a claw. So perhaps I chose my comparison incorrectly, but my point still stands.
I have completely gone over the edge as a dog Mom.

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