Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Terrible Dream

I've decided that this morning's dream is totally linked to the two cold medicine tablets I took before bed last night. It was so awful that I made myself get up even though today could have been a sleep in day. All of the dogs were sleeping soundly and I was so cozy, but I did not want to keep having my horrible dream. The worst part was that I kept having fragments of the same dream in various sequences and so in order to stop it, I made all of the dogs wake up and I went downstairs to put them out and make coffee.
What was this dream? You may ask.
It was about her Royal Highness, Princess Hermione Sophia and me traveling in some strange place. At first I was in France, but then later in the dream I was at a British pub-very confusing. Somewhere in there I was competing in swimming-even more strange. Wherever I was, it was incredibly hot and humid and Tenie, Carmen, Mr. K and my Dad were all there; kind of interchangeably. My cousins also made an appearance at the pub too. I also forgot that Otis was present as well.
While I was competing, people were supposed to be watching Otis and Hermione. I have no idea who it was because throughout the various parts of the dream, whoever was dog sitting kept changing. Even at one point, they were taking Hermione and Otis on a canoe ride. Anyway, the horrible part was that while they were taking the dogs out for a walk, Hermione over heated, broke out in a fever and died. They apparently took her to the vet, but she didn't make it. They also didn't bother telling me that she had died. My dream self was horrified that I had not been with her when she had been sick and had not been able to say good-bye. My dream self was also horrified that she had died.
Now, of course I know this is a dream, but it was one of those ones that feel so real. It felt so real and seemed to keep occurring that I got out of bed.
Of course her Royal Highness was safely asleep in her crate and she came out stretching and wagging her tail when I opened the door. However, I had to scoop her up and give her a big hug this morning thanks to my cold medicine induced horrible dream.
Everyone is here, snoozin away, waiting patiently for me to get their breakfast. But stuff like a horrible dream can make you stop and think. It makes me realise just how attached I am to my dogs, Hermione in particular. When people make faces or funny noises when I tell them how many animals I have, I want to explain to them that these are not just animals to me. These little beings are my family and they are so much more than just paws, fur and mouths to feed. However, unless you are an animal lover or until you have an animal in your life that fills that role of fur kid, I don't think people can actually understand.  They are not "just a dog" or "just a cat" and a dream can even reinforce that.

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Dexter said...

I have those sorts of dreams sometimes too and it leaves me very shaken up. The only cure is to get up and hug your furry friends.

I've come to understand that many people just don't bond to their animals the way I do (and sounds like you too). It's a mixed blessing. Wonderful to have the love of a dog, but makes you so vulnerable to concerns.

Mango Momma