Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Turkey Day Weekend

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. Well, at least those of us on the Canadian side of the Land of Ice and Snow. Our weekend was pretty low key, but it was great nonetheless.
To start things off, Friday was my Grandpa's 86th birthday and so Mom, Dad, Mr. K and I headed over for lunch. We picked up some tasty take away that consisted of roasted potatoes, chicken, ribs, salad and it was finished off by a Boston Cream cake. I forgot about Boston cream and was very happy about re-discovering it. There have been a lot of foods that I forgot about while living abroad.
That night, Tenie, Lindsay and I headed over the border to make a few purchases. I'm in the process of making hand tied blankets for a fall vender's show that will take place this Saturday and so needed fleece. The fabric store on "the other side" as we call it, was having a sale and so I made my purchases there. Lindsay and Tenie did a bit of shopping as well. Of course Nala came along and she was excellent. We went into Bath and Body Works and she did not steal anything. Lindsay and I had a good laugh remembering Glacier stealing a shower puff from one of the shelves and wandering about the store with it. He was always good at attempted shop lifting.
Saturday was a bit quiet which was nice. I went over to my parents' to do laundry and have supper. Nala and Hermione came along and both girls were very well behaved. Hermione spent the first little while chasing leaves out on the deck and engaging in leaf murder. We had a tasty supper and then had a campfire upon my request. We had originally thought that the fire would be a no go because it had been crazy windy, but the wind died down by early evening and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the fire. Nala stayed on leash because as soon as I let her off, she went adventuring. My parents' backyard is quite large, but it is not fenced in. It's impossible for the dogs to know where the property lines are, but she wouldn't come back and stick around when I called her. So, my usually good at recall dog had to stay on leash. However, she curled up on my feet and just drank in the heat from the fire. So, I think she had a good time regardless of her leash arrest.
Hermione, on the other paw, was allowed to roam free because she figured out very quickly that she was supposed to stay in our general vicinity. She would chase leaves, murder them and come back to sit on my lap or my mom's. Every time sparks flew from the fire, she went hurtling after them. Thankfully, they were always burnt out by the time she arrived to murder them. I think part of the reason she stuck around was because she liked drinking out of my wine glass. We were having a small glass and every time she hopped up on my lap, she tried to stick her nose into the glass. If I wasn't paying attention, she was successful. She also is quite crafty as sometimes she'd hop up, look at the glass and if I said, "no," she turned her head as if she wasn't interested. Then, out of nowhere, when she knew she had lulled me into a false sense of security, she'd dive into the glass. Crazy Bean.
Sunday was a busy day. Lindsay and I ran around to various stores, collecting ingredients and packaging for my cookies that are to be sold on Saturday. Once everything was purchased, we returned to my place and began on blankets and some of the cookies. Mom stopped by briefly and lent a hand chopping sweet potatoes and covering some of them in cheese and other yummy things. Mr. K and I both went to bed early that night.
Monday started out a bit more slowly, but I was soon back at tying off blankets and then we headed off to my grandparents for a delicious turkey dinner; courtesy of Mom. We ate until we couldn't move and then Dad and Mr. K cleaned up the meal. We ate around 4 and so it was an early end to the evening. I went to Mom and Dad's to watch some TV with them while Mr. K finished some of his school work at home and then worked with a high school student who needs some help in math. Mom and I even got a nice walk in before our show started, taking Jetta and Nala along.
All in all it was a great Turkey weekend.
I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well. :)

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torie said...

I thought thanks giving was in november? Glad you enjoyed it anyway. You still have to catch us up on moving etc. We're still hanging :) xxx