Wednesday, September 04, 2013

One Cool Cat

We do a lot of grooming in the Mr. and Mrs. K household. Just today, Mr. K took care of a few of Otis's front claws that were beginning to curl and a few on Roscoe's front paws as well. Maybe not as much as I should, but at least once a week, everyone gets brushed, nails trimmed, teeth brushed and any treatments that someone may need. This week was no exception. The only thing is that Rufio has managed to miss out on the grooming routine the last couple of times. He's not as easy to wrangle as a dog. Even though, quite honestly, he's not even half as bad as any other cats I know. When I began the grooming regiment yesterday, spending over half a hour on Hermione's flowing locks, Rufio got caught in the cross fire and he was added to the list of my beauty victims.
I first started by brushing him. Mr. K has been really good about brushing him and so he's pretty used to it. I use a comb called a Greyhound Comb, but don't be deceived by its name. It's a brand and not anything that should be used on a Greyhound. The teeth are metal and would feel horrible for a Greyhound. One end of the comb has its teeth set wider apart and I use the very end tooth to pick through mats on both Hermione and Rufio. It works like a dream. I haven't had to cut Rufio's fur once, nor Hermione's since purchasing the comb. He had two little mats starting which he allowed me to pick through; always holding the fur down by the roots to ensure no uncomfortable pulling/tearing. I want him to keep enjoying brushing. After that I decided to tackle every animal's least favourite part of grooming...his claws. I grabbed the clippers and sat with him in my lap. I hooked an arm under his front legs and gently rubbed his face and talked to him, all the while playing with his toes on one front paw. To my shock, he flexed his toes and pushed his claws out. He sat like that until every claw was clipped and repeated the trick for the other three paws-even his back paws! I can't express how surprised I was. Here was a cat not only letting me clip his claws, but helping me.
Later when I told Mr. K he said that he plays with Rufio's paws a lot and that the cat always flexes his toes for Mr. K. Rufio must have become so used to doing that when I started clipping his claws, he wasn't even phased. I've trimmed them before. I tried to do it quite often when he was a very tiny kitten to show him that claw trimming wasn't bad, but this was the first time he helped me.
I have to say that the Siberian cat is one of the coolest cat breeds out there. I'm sure I'm partially biased, but who else's cat offers up their claws for trimming?


Moonspun Cats said...

I'm lucky. All bar one of mine offer up their claws with no problem! All of my home bred babies do this for their new owners as I teach them from a very young age. One little boy will put his paw in the hand of his mum when he thinks it's time for clipping, and the other will just lie on his back and knead the air while he's having it done. Three of mine lie on their back while they're being clipped, and a fourth will stand up and lift each paw on request. Really not that uncommon for a well socialised puss.

Nadja Leye-Shprintse Öberg said...

Oh, so cute! <3