Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream For...

That's right, folks. Our crew don't go crazy for ice cream. They tear the walls down for some good ol' carrots. Don't you parents out there wish your kids fought you for their veggies? Mine do...
Yesterday I put a roast in the slow cooker for dinner. We all know that I'm a terrible cook, but when it comes to the slow cooker, I'm not half bad. Last night's masterpiece was a pleasant surprise, but before Mr. K and I got to "tuck in" (as they say in the UK) to the tasty roast, gravy, pearl potatoes and carrots, I had to prepare the whole thing.
For a meal that was so delicious it really didn't take very long to prepare. I make a pretty good stew/soup combination we call "stoup" that takes me about an hour to get all together because of all of the chopping and dicing involved. Prep time for the roast took about 25 minutes and cutting the potatoes in half is what took the longest.
When I'm in the kitchen, most of the animals are watching what I'm up to. I'm sure it's to make sure I don't burn the place down, or perhaps, its to catch whatever I drop. Nala is the best for not begging or watching and I give her puppy walkers (AKA puppy raisers) credit for that. Hermione and Rufio perch on the arm of the couch nearest the kitchen and keep their watch from on high. Roscoe stands just outside the kitchen doorway and Otis firmly plants himself on my feet. He's a French Pig, what can I say? Yesterday was no different. Hermione and Rufio on couch arm duty; Roscoe patrolling the entrance and Otis guarding the interior.
After washing, peeling and chopping the carrots I realise that I had way too many. I'm a huge proponent of raw feeding and although we don't do it due to lack of space, I still give all animals, except Nala, bits of raw meat, fruits and vegetables. Nala's food refusal is so good, I don't want to change that by introducing her to the tasty world of carrots. Having too many carrots chopped up, I figured I'd share them between the creatures who can have carrots. I gave Roscoe the biggest chunks and gave Otis the skinnier pieces so he could fit them in his French Piggy mouth. Hermione's a good chewer so I wasn't worried about what sizes/shapes she got. The way they scarfed the carrots down was a bit startling, but even more so was how insistent Rufio was about having carrot.
How many cats eat vegetables? Meat I understand, but he was almost more excited about the prospect of carrot than the dogs were.
As I was having everyone sit and stay and passing them their carrot pieces, Rufio was sitting on my feet, meowing loudly and reaching for my hand with his front paws. His front toes are surprisingly dexterous.  Finally, when I realised that he wasn't giving up, I sliced a small chunk of carrot into even smaller pieces and gave him one, totally expecting him to spit it out. I was wrong. He sucked it down and asked for more by grabbing my fingers with his toes and licking my hand until I gave him another. This went on until all carrot was consumed and all parties satisfied that it was most certainly gone. In some respects you have to watch animals and carrots because they are high in natural sugars, but on the other hand, at least they're eating carrots and not manufactured, preservative/grain filled  treats. If my animals, cats included, want to fight me for carrots, I say, "go ahead" because there are worse things they could be eating.

Bloggie Notes: 
PS: Liz, one of our readers, is Nala's sister's puppy walker and her recently qualified dog-Nala's sister Pippa-is going to be featured in a TV show tomorrow. I think I was interviewed as a potential candidate for the show when I had Glacier, but he had just retired when they had contacted me...don't think I cut the bill. LOL The show is called "Me and My Guide Dog" and it is going to be on ITV. Please watch . Do you think this means that Nala is famous by proxy? ;) It is so exciting and congratulations to Liz.
PPS: Marie gave us a Leapster award, but for some reason the internet has decided that I can't see her page. So, thanks Marie. 
Wow, I haven't had "bloggie notes" in a long time. Again, make sure you watch Pippa and her handler on ITV tomorrow night-JUly third. The program is called "Me and My Guide Dog," just incase you forgot in the last three sentences.


Two French Bulldogs said...

We scream for cheese
Benny & Lily

Just Jess for now said...

Cheese snorts?! What are those? It sounds like something they'd scream for too. LOL

torie said...

Ushi loves her carrots. I buy the pre chopped ones. I'm a bit too ready with them though and give her them each time we go out so i'm gonna have to cut down on them lol and maybe only do it every few walks.

I'm sure the rabbit could eat them too if you still have him.

Xxx oh and what did nala think when she didn't get a carrot?