Saturday, July 06, 2013

Happy Belated Barkday to Our French Pig

Our little boy is all growed up. He's probably quadrupled in size since we brought him home last October. The little puppy blanket I made for him that he used to be wrapped up in only fits over his butt now. And, he celebrated his first birthday on July fourth.
Otis, the French Bulldog who thinks he's a pig, is a year old.
It's really hard to believe. It used to be that he hated going for walks and after only five minutes of walking we'd have to carry him. Now, he walks for as long as you do without complaint and even if he did complain, you wouldn't be able to carry him very far. I'm not entirely sure how much he weighs exactly, but it's got to be over 20 LBS. I once smuggled him into the grocery store under my coat because he was too small to leave at home and Mr. K wasn't at home. There's no way he'd fit under my coat now. I know with some puppies you look back and relish their puppy days, but are thankful they are over in some ways. But, with Otis, it's not really that way at all.
He was the easiest puppy we've ever had the pleasure of having as a part of our family. His personality hasn't even really changed at all. He's still a laid back, love everybody kind of guy. He's just bigger. But as I said above, I'm not entirely sure where the time has gone. How did he grow up so fast?
Happy belated birthday, French Pig. XOXO

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