Thursday, June 13, 2013

"This Bed is Just Right"

Now, I know no one has really seen photos of Nala, but you need to believe me when I tell you she's a fairly decent sized dog. Even though she's a girl, she weighs 31 kilograms and is quite stalky. She's not as tall as Roscoe and definitely not as tall as Glacier, but she's certainly bigger than Jetta. So, why am I going on and on about Nala's size? Well, in order for you to understand this story, it is very imperative that you understand that Nala is certainly not a small dog.
Yesterday morning, Mr. K and I were sitting in our living room watching a TV series we've both gotten a bit invested in. All of the dogs had already been out for their first bathroom break and I was happily sipping away on my morning coffee. It was the perfect morning: sleepy puppy dogs, Mr. K and I watching our show and coffee. Even Rufio, the cat, had joined us. Not surprising since the cat is having an identity crisis and thinks he's a dog.
I'm not entirely sure how it came about that Mr. K noticed Nala, but when he did he nearly fell over laughing.
"Babe, look at your dog." He said.
"Where is she?" I asked, contemplating climbing out of my cozy position on the couch where I had been snugled in with Rufio, Hermione, my quilt and my coffee.
"Check the cat bed." He replied, still laughing.
I just had to see what he was talking about. Thinking that Nala was using the cat's bed as a pillow I untangled myself and scuttled across the living room floor on my knees, hands outstretched to the place where the cat bed is.
Technically, it's not a cat bed, but a small dog bed instead. It's quite plush and the material is soft and fuzzy. We bought it for Rufio to put in his room, but since he spends a lot of time out in the living room with us, Mr. K moved it out for him. Hermione's used it a time or two, but Hermione really isn't much bigger than the cat. She weighs a wapping 5 kilograms and the bed was designed for a dog her size. So, if we find her crashed out in it, we just smile and pat her because it's cute.
When I reached the dog bed turned cat bed, I nearly fell over laughing. Nala was definitely not using it as a pillow, nor had she just propped her upper body on it.
Oh no.
Nala was in the cat bed. All 31 kilograms of her was somehow crammed in to the bed. She had wrapped herself up into the smallest ball, paws tucked up under her and nose shoved beneath her tail.
How she ever managed it we're not sure, but she stayed there for a good part of the morning. Eventually, she moved to the couch we've dubbed the "dog couch" where she was better able to spread out.
I've never seen the likes of it before, but in our household you never know what will happen next. Hence I'll leave you with my mantra
"there's never a dull moment."

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