Monday, February 04, 2013

The count Down is On

It's only seven short/long days before I go into intensive training with my new guide dog. Short because there is still quite a bit of stuff I need to get done before going, like laundry, but it's also long because when you're excited for something like this the days usually seem to drag. However, this guide dog experience is a bit strange for me.
The last two times away training there was only me to think about. This time I am leaving at husband and three other dogs at home. It's kind of odd because although I am so excited, part of me is kind of sad because I'll miss them all; especially the husband of course. I'll be in the hotel for only two and a  half weeks and Mr. K is allowed to come visit, but leaving him behind for that amount of time, even though it's not that long, makes me miss him a little bit already. That's a good thing, right? ;)
So that is how it's different this time around. I had never really thought about it before-having to go away to get a dog and having family still at home. The last two times, all I could think about was the upcoming adventure and question what kind of dog I would get. This time around, I already know who my dog is. Another difference. Not bad, just different. In fact, knowing who SHE is makes it all that more exciting.
Woops. Did I say she?
Since training dates have been confirmed, I figured I could at least tell you that I've been matched with another girl. I always thought I was better suited to work with females and so was excited to find out I had been matched with a girl. I've seen her three times now. The first was to do our initial harness walk to see if we were in fact compatible; the second to have her meet the fuzzy family; and the third was completely by chance. Her trainer has been bringing her into our neighbourhood as promised and so one morning when out relieving the dogs, I ran into the pair going off to train in the rain. The trainer said that they were reviewing the route to the vet and the previous morning they had already gone over the route to the gym. It would appear that everything is moving right along. Now, I just have to get myself ready by getting that big pile of laundry finished so I'll have clean clothes during training.
We won't have laundry facilities on the site unlike the other training centre I've been to before. So, having enough clothes to last nearly twenty days is going to be a necessity. I also have a few essential toiletries to pick up such as toothpaste. I probably shouldn't make off with the tube that Mr. K and I share. The trainer said we could pick up anything that the other student or I may forget, but the more prepared I am probably the better. Besides, who wants to get caught without toothpaste?
Other than getting those little details taken care of, I'll spend the next week enjoying my family, fuzzy and non, and just let time do its flying/dragging thing that it does when one is excited.
PS: So: I told you she was a girl, but can anyone guess what type of dog she is?


Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all!

Oh I'm so excited for you! I think it is wonderful that the dog is introduced to your area and home prior to training you and the dog together. It is also nifty that your training continues once you return home.

Can't wait to meet "her"...could she be a Lab/Golden cross? I know the UK has added Poodle crosses to cut down on shedding for those with allergies, but the Lab/Golden cross is far more common there.

BrownDog's Human

Jenny said...

I know, I know! :)
But I'm not going to guess.
I would hate to not meet my dog before training.
I'm sure Mr. K and the dogs will miss you lots.

Leye-Shprintse said...


Oh, I'm so excited for you! It's an exciting experience! OK, I'm EXCITED! (If you don't notice it.) <3

You've maybe got a mixed dog, Golden/Labrador? I don't know which breeds they're using in UK, can you tell me? In Sweden, it's Labradors, some Alsatians and Poodles.

Leye-Shprintse <3

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