Friday, October 12, 2012


The last couple of days have ben a bit of a  downer; especially for the dogs. I've been battling with some kind of strange stomach bug, which means no more walkies and very few play sessions. Thankfully, Hermione and Otis have found ways to keep each other entertained, but I think even their games are growing boring.
Otis is still in his "I'm a puppy so I sleep most of the time" phase, but Hermione is certainly in her "I'm a teenager dog, what can I get in to"? phase. She's been pretty good considering, but there have been a few times where I've just wanted to put her in her crate with a peanut butter filled Kong and let her chill out for a while; let me chill out for a while. However, she has managed to leave me in stitches despite my sore tummy.
Just earlier today she practised her handy work on destruction and completely obliterated a tennis ball that was on a rope toy. There is nothing left except for tiny rubber bits that will have to be cleaned up via a vaccuum. She reminded me of Glacier with that little piece of work, but at least it took her at least over an hour or two  whereas it would have taken Glacier ten minutes.
Her new and most favourite game has been running zoomies down our hall and back, launching herself on to the couch, flinging herself just as fast off, put on repeat. Poor little Otis's legs don't have a chance, but he tries his hardest to catch her as she zooms by. This went on for a good twenty minutes with a small intermission for Hermione to dig frantically in her bowl, in the hopes that water would magically appear at the bottom.
Sorry, Miss Priss, you do not get water at eight at night because that results in a puppy who needs to pee at ridiculous times in the middle of the night. Nice try though.
As for the mad zoomies, they have stopped for now, but I have no doubt our hallway/living room/couch will turn back in to a race track in no time.
I do feel bad that she hasn't been outside for more than "potty breaks," but at least she and Otis have each other and at least she has enough space to run like a maniac. Hopefully tomorrow this weird flu thingy will be gone and we can get out and get in our usual 1 to 2 hour Saturday morning walk. I think I need it as much as she does.
Zoom, zoom my little Princess.

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