Monday, July 02, 2012

A Fond Farewell

Of course things are changing around here again. Nothing ever stays the same, which is probably why it's a good thing I keep a blog. If I didn't, I'd probably lose track of my own life. ;)
Seriously though, our family has changed a bit and we're also moving...again. But, let me start with our family changes.
First of all, we lost two of our Sugies. Both Fiona and Plato have gone to the rainbow bridge, both quite suddenly and quite unexpected. We're not sure what happened at all, but we've decided that perhaps Sugar Gliders do not do well in our household. So, with that in mind, Mr. K contacted Gus and Fiona's breeder to see if Yoda could be of any use for her as a neutered male. She is a fantastic breeder and I would tell anyone looking for a Sugar Glider in the UK to purchase their Sugies from her.
She responded saying that Yoda would be great in assisting one of the mating pairs with raising the joeys. Sugar Gliders live in colonies in the wild with numbers anywhere near 16 Sugies and so it is not unusual for them to help each other out. Because Yoda is neutered, he won't fight the other male for his wife and all will be well. We thought that was a great idea and were so happy and thankful that Yoda would be going to live with an expert and that he would have a very happy life playing nanny.
So, we packed him up with his cage, toys and other accessories and he moved out on Saturday. It was sort of bitter sweet. We were sad to see him go, but we know he's in a much better place. The breeder will be able to use the cage for more Sugar Gliders and we are glad that it will get some good use. He apparently has settled in well, with Candy and Tom accepting him, and his name has been changed to Dale. We wish Candy, Tom and Dale all the best.
 So, our family has shrunk by three members in a course of a few months. We think Fiona may have gotten sick, but Plato just sort of died randomly. We don't know if he choked on his food or had a heart attack, but whatever happened, everyone is much happier where they are now.
Despite our family getting smaller by three, we had another member join our fuzzy ranks. Enter Hamish the Lion Head Rabbit. That's right, we have a bunny. He is about 12 weeks old and the fluffiest little dude ever.
We heard that he needed to be re-homed due to a family's allergy and we offered to take him on. Mr. K had bunnies growing up and he always wanted another rabbit. So, Hamish came to live with us. He seems to be warming up to us and isn't afraid of the dogs at all. Hermione wants him to play with her; Glacier wants to mother him; and Roscoe could care less. So, I think Hamish is fitting in just fine. We've talked about getting Hamish a friend because bunnies like having bunny company, but we'll see how much room we have when we move.
That brings me to my next point; our move.
Just over a month ago our flat started falling apart. Actually, it's been slowly falling apart since about February, but we decided that it wasn't anything major and that we'd be fine until I was done with my university program, but things got worse. One of the window frames broke off in my hands when I was trying to close it because it had dry rot and it hasn't been fixed properly. There is a piece of wood nailed over the hole. The other windows also have dry rot, so it is possible they will crumble into little bits at any time as well. Our heat stopped working and our gas makes horrible squealing noises if it is left on too long to heat the water. Don't even get me started on the water not staying heated properly. The list could go on and on. So, Mr. K started looking for two bedroom flats, thinking that if we were going to move that we'd get a bigger place.
I took up the search as well and fell in love with a two bedroom flat that is only a ten minute walk from where we live now. We viewed it  and I was convinced. We put a deposit on it as soon as we walked out of the door from the viewing and finally signed the lease last week. We get the keys on the 15th of July and I am so excited. Not only do we have more room, but we also have a communal garden at the back, a cycling/walking path right across the street and a little cafe just on the corner of our street. We also have moved closer to the sea and that always makes me happy. The icing on the cake was that it was only 25 quid more than the place we are in now, which means we get all of those great things without breaking the bank. It's also on a quiet residential street, which will be nice as well.
Mr. K and I have both agreed that we are not moving any time soon after we move into that flat. We had originally moved in here thinking that one day we'd move out to find a bigger place, but we are both sick of hopping from home to home. It's time to put down some roots.
As you can see, there have been and are going to be a few changes in our lives, but you know me, I probably wouldn't have it any other way. Well, except for the moving so often part. :)


Sarge said...

Wow, lots of changes! So sorry about the loss of your two little ones, but I'm glad you found a good place for the third. I bet your new home will be wonderful! A garden and closer to the ocean is great!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

pattib said...

So glad you are moving to a better place (and without barfy-pants). Sorry to hear about your loss of
Fiona and Plato, but I think you are doing Yoda a big favor. And welcome to Hamish! Take care!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Change is suppose to be good but sometimes it doesn't feel good when it's happening. Sorry to hear about the little ones
Benny & Lily