Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Still My Heart: By Roscoe

Do you knows what happened on Furday?!
Do you?!
Wells, of courses not. So, I must tells you. The mostest exciting thingy ever happened!
The Postie two legger brought a package fur me! It is my firstest mails ever! I didn't even knows. The Mama had to call me overs and show me that the box was fur me. I didn't believes her, but when hers told me to sniff, I smelled deliciouses munchings and crunchings insides. I told the Mama to gets out the cam-or-a, but hers reminded me that hers eyeballs don't works so good and that her pictures don't turn outs so good. So, that means I haves to tells you all abouts my presie because there is no photo documentations.
Did I mention it was the first presie fur me from the Postie two legger?
Sure, the Mama and Mr. K haves boughts me stuffs befure, but this is my firstest presie from a furriend from Blogville. And this is not just any furriend. Nonononono! This presie was sent to lucky me by my beautiful Maggie Mae.
That's rights! Hers sent me a Valentine's presie! Oh, I is so happy.
Do you knows what's hers got me? Wells, do you?
Oh, of courses you don't. Let me tells you.
The Mama had to gets the sharp snippy thingies to gets the tape off the box. Hers was not snipping fast enoughs so Glacier and me kept poking hers with our noses. I kept sniffing the box and shoving hers with my head, trying to tells hers to hurry the woof up. The Mama kept telling me and Glacier to "sit" and "stay." How coulds I sit and stay when there was a presie fur me...from my Maggie Mae?!
Finally, the tape came offs and the box came open. The Mama let me put my head in the box, but told Glacier he had to waits because it was my presie. Afters I was done sniffing around, Glacier got to sniffs too. I sat down and stared at the Mama to tells her to gets the stuffs out. I don't haves thumbs, Mama!
Hers pulled out this giant wads of paper and I gots all excited because I thoughts that was fur me. Turns out it wasn't. The Mama threw that pawt in the garbages. Under the paper though was where my presie was and, oh, I was so excited to see what's was insides.
There was this other huge box thingy and besides it was this plastic poop bag, but it wasn't poop insides. Nope. Do you knows what it was? Wells...? Oh, rights. I'm telling you what was in theres.
It was a big ball by The Kong Company! And it was all fur me. Oh, Maggie Mae, how did you knows that I loves balls so much? How did you knows that Kong is one of the only products that survives in ours house?!
My Maggie Mae knows me so wells.
Then, the Mama pulled out the other box and that was the ones I coulds smell. Hers opened the lid and...
there, inside was not one, not two and not three bags of real yummers, but six bags of real yummers! They all smelled so goods, I couldn't decides which ones to eats firstest. I sat down again because that is what's I haves to do to get cookies around heres. The Mama opened the bag and I got to eats a triangle and a circle cookie. I am a nice guy and so shared two of my cookies with Glacier. I sat and waited some mores, but the Mama puts the cookies away and said that I couldn't haves them all nows.
Why not?! I loves cookies!
But then I remembereds, I had a new ball to plays with. I pranced into the living room and pounced on the ball and Glacier and me chased it rounds the living room as fastest as we could. I really wanted to do zoomies because I was so happy Maggie Mae had thoughts of me, but the Mama said no zoomies insides. Hers said our flat (apartment) is waaaaaaaaay too small for two big dogs to be doing zoomies. Her is crazy. If hers would just move out of the way and ignore us crashing into furniture, then there's plenty of room for zoomies. But since we couldn't do those, we whacked each other on the head with our feets while trying to get the ball away from each other. It was so much funs!
And guess what? I've been havings cookies ever since and playing with my new ball with Glacier...and every time I eats a cookie or try to do zoomies with my new ball *ignore that pawt Mama*, I thinks of my beautiful Maggie Mae and hows thoughtful hers is.
Thank you Maggie Mae. You are the bestest Valentine's a guy could evers ask fur.


chicamom85 said...

Pressies Glacier, yahoooooo! I love getting pressies, it is the best. Have fun with your ball and those nommy cookies.

licks and sniffs Sasha

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH ROSCOE... Maggie Mae is just the mostest wonderful and thoughtful girrrrrl there ever was. A KONG BALL and all of those TREATS and Cookies and SNACKS.. I'll bet the pressie Package SMELLED like her too. Go ahead and admit it Buddy..You sniffed up all of her pretty perfumes didn't you.
I think she wears Evening in the Pasture when she is in the Blogville Emergency Medical Tent.. It Just Drives all the guys CRAZY.
Hey.. two more sleeps and it will be VALENTINE'S DAY.. and all the FUN will be going on.

Sarge said...

Hey Roscoe!
Wow, what a pawesome pressie from your girlfuriend! This lovey-dovey stuff is so wonderful. Gives us all warm and gooey feelings. Enjoy your giftie!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

garthriley said...

That's awesome Roscoe! Pressies are great - especially pressies from pretty girls! Enjoy your new ball and your treats -- you deserve them! It's very nice of you to share with Glacier.

The Cat From Hell said...

Oh Roscoe! Yous so lucky to has such a wonderful friend like Maggie Mae!
me thinks yous has a very special valentine!

Maggie Mae said...


I am so happy dat you likes your pressies and I can't WAIT until our date on Tuesday!

Hugs and Kisses
Woofs and Licks,

Maggie Mae

Amber DaWeenie said... is a lucky guy. That Maggie Mae is a keeper! The two of you make such a nice couple.

See ya at the party!