Friday, January 06, 2012

When Flying Monkeys Attack

Okay, perhaps our Sugar Gliders-Yoda, Plato and Fiona-didn't attack, but they sure were plotting.
Last night was another successful night in the tent. Fiona, Yoda and Plato were not entirely impressed that Mr. K had put them into a carrier to be transferred from their cage to the tent, but once they were out of the carrier and roaming free, all complaining ceased. After returning from
the gym
Mr. K and I climbed into the tent for another bonding session with our flying monkeys. The evening started out with the usual gliding, climbing, jumping, scurrying Etc. All three gliders were in great moods; especially Fiona, who was climbing the tent walls more than she ever has. She was also good about not chomping as much-she only chomped me twice-and was more concerned with giving Mr. K's hand a bath. She even hopped up on my shoulder and did her little "squeak tsk" thing she does when she's playing or happy.
Both boys were zooming around like the crazy little guys that they are. Plato was racing as fast as he could and Yoda was contented to scurry about and then come back to chill on either mine or Mr. K's back. Originally, Mr. K had one of his shirts in the tent because that is where all three Gliders had been asleep when he removed them to the tent. Plato kept trying to get back in it and then crabbing angrily whenever he got snuggled in, so I pitched it out of the tent. His crabbing stopped.
Fiona found a new fun game that entertained her for almost the whole time we were in the tent. We've put a fleece blanket on the floor of the tent to make it more comfortable and also to reduce the crinkling sound  made by the bottom of the tent. We read somewhere that the sharp plastic noise can scare the Gliders at first and to reduce that, a blanket spread out is a good idea. Last night, Fiona decided that tunneling under the blanket and running from one side of the tent only to pop out at the other end was great fun. I'm not sure why she did this, but she was so happy, sneaking from one end to the other. Well, she thought she was sneaking, but the little "tick, crinkle" of her claws gave her away.
After being in the tent for nearly two hours, Yoda came to perch on my shoulder. Earlier he had tried to burrow in my pocket, but I think the space was a bit too small for him. After a minute or two of just hanging out, Yoda started moving close to my neck and hair. I thought he was going to groom me, but suddenly he started burrowing under the neck line of the hoodie I was wearing and disappeared down the back of my shirt. He would not come out. I think he was off to take himself a nap. Plato soon discovered his brother's hiding place and every time he tried to burrow in, Yoda crabbed at him. Finally, Plato found a spot closer to my other shoulder and settled in. He wasn't as tucked in as Yoda was, but the two sat and crabbed at each other from my two shoulders.
I couldn't stop laughing. First of all, it tickled so much. The Sugar Glider's fur is so soft that it felt like someone was rubbing a cashmere sweater on my back. Plus, their little feet tickle and Yoda kept rooting with his nose so that he could get in further. I was trying not to move and tears rolled down my face in the effort of keeping my laughter in check.
By this point, Mr. K and I had thought of getting out of the tent, but we couldn't figure out how to get Plato and Yoda out of my hoodie. Fiona was scurrying around on my back looking for them and both boys were still having their crabbing war. Plato was mostly in the hood of my hoodie, so Mr. K suggested taking my top layer off. I thought Yoda was in that superficial layer as well, but when the hoodie came off and only Plato could be heard crabbing in the sweater, we knew Yoda was still tucked in for his nap.
Mr. K suggested pulling my second shirt off, but as my shoulders are a bit big from when I was a swimmer, pulling shirts over my head is difficult at the best of times; never mind when there is a flying monkey going to sleep on my back. I tried three different ways to pull the shirt off and finally succeeded by yanking my arm through the hole and then my head. Off came the shirt, but still no Yoda.
Since we had been at the gym, I had my sports bra still on and he had managed to wiggle under the thick strap and down under the back. He was determined that he was staying on Mama for his sleep. The problem was not only did we need to get out of the tent, but Fiona and Plato were already in the food box, ready to be transferred back to the cage. We always bring the carrier in with their food-AKA a Glider kitchen-when we are ready to get out. That way, the gliders usually hop in, we close the lid and they are moved back to their cage safely. But, Yoda was convinced that he was just fine where he was.
Hoping to scare him off, I put my hand on my shoulder and petted him. Instead of leaving, he rubbed his head against my hand. It was so darn cute that I didn't want to move him, but by this point all of the water I had drank at the gym had kicked in and I knew Glacier and Roscoe probably needed out for their last "park" time of the night. Mr. K tried scooping Yoda off my back and even though Yoda let Mr. K pet him, he was not coming unstuck from my sports bra. Finally, I put the shirt I had taken off over him and gently scooped him into it. He crabbed a bit, probably wondering how he had been captured, and we were able to transfer him into the Glider kitchen with the others. The instant Yoda noticed there was food, he stopped his complaining and chowed down. The lid on the carrier/Glider kitchen was closed and our little stow aways were returned safely back to the cage.
Our little flying monkeys never cease to amaze me. They are so much fun and both boys have such a sweet demeanor. Fiona is making bonding strides and we are so glad that she actually likes us again. If having Yoda stuffed down the back of my shirt is what it is like to have a bonded Glider with you, I'm ready for it; just without the strip routine. :)


pattib said...

This was so fun to read! How sweet your sugies are. And so happy things are going well with them!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Sounds like you're all settling in nicely together. You've come a long way in a short time.

Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue said...

It sure sounds as though Plato and Yoda are well on their way to becoming bonded with you guys - I'm so happy for you both!

I love reading about your Sugar Glider adventures.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Oh dear, the Human can't stop laughing!

Y'all come back now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

L^2 said...

Haha... too funny. Glad things are going well with your fur-kids. :)