Sunday, January 08, 2012

Glacier's Grumblings

I said, "I would like to go for a walk please?"
What do you mean you need to drink water, sit on the couch and blow your nose loudly? Come on! Fresh air will do you some good; I promise...!
At least, I think that is what Glacier is telling me. If that is what he's saying, he's probably right. I haven't got him out to work for a couple of days, except for a ten to fifteen minute walk on Friday when a rep from the Guide Dog Association was around for their yearly check in.
It seems like, ever since we moved, I'm more sick than I am healthy. It's strange because normally I'm quite healthy; getting maybe one bad cold all winter season. This season though, it seems like every month another bug has attacked my system.
I think part of it is because all of these colds/flus are completely different strains my body has probably never fought off before. It's like I have to build a new immune system because of our move. I think another issue may be that the weather is so wonky. One day it's pleasantly warm out and then the next you're bundling up to your eyeballs just to take the dogs out to relieve. I've also noticed that whenever I've been away from the gym-either due to training outside, or because I took a week off as a break-I end up getting sick as soon as I go back. I don't know if people aren't wiping the machines off or what, but it's like clock work. I go to the gym and about five to six days later, I've got the creeping crud. It's more annoying than anything.
I do think, though, that it is relatively warm outside today-almost reaching 50 F-and so I may venture out for a short walk. Not only to get myself fresh air, but to let my big yellow fellow stretch his legs. For the last couple of days, he's been curled up next to me, patiently enduring my sneezing, nose blowing and groaning. I bet "snuggling extraordinaire" wasn't outlined to him as a part of his job description, but he's taken it like a champ. :)

Side note: If you haven't noticed, two pages related to our Blogville Valentine's Day PAWTY have been put up. The "Pawsome Raffle Prize" page is still under construction, but feel free to take a gander at both and let me know what you think.


Finn said...

Hope you are feeling better!!

Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue said...

I'm wondering if it is the weather because even I am getting colds, which is quite unusual. I think you are right with the whole instability of it because even here, in northern Ontario, we're getting a limited amount of snow and then some days are crazy cold, followed by a couple days of nice temps. Hopefully Mother Nature will make up her mind soon, so we can all adapt appropriately.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

If I have to take shots, I insist that my Humans take theirs (flu shots). Of course they've taken them every year long before I appeared on the scene.

The weather has been just as quirky here in the states. Some of my friends in Canada are complaining because it is so warm it is muddy outdoors.

The other day I did a post titled from May to January and back to May in 5 days. Our friends in the Rockies have been crying for snow. Even the Sierras are lacking in the white stuff.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Amber DaWeenie said...

We'll be checkin in with the new pages.

Hope you're feeling better soon.