Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Santa Paws is Coming to Town!"

Hello there Blogging community,
It is I, Glacier, here to spread a little Christmas cheer. We at my house, or flat as my girl now calls it, love Christmas and my girl has said that Santa Paws is coming to town...very soon! I'm not sure whether or not to believe her, but today at the dogtor, my girl bought tasty treats and told me to cover my eyes. She said they were for Christmas.
Is it Christmas yet?
The dogtor said my leg looks like it is healing, but told my girl to keep an eye on it. I'm not sure how she's supposed to do that-I am her eyes! Anyway, I'll leave that up to her to figure out.
After the dogtor my girl and Auntie Carmen stopped to shop a bit and they bought things to put in Dad's stocking and also some shiny bags with Christmas pictures on them. My girl says that the bags are for gifts that she and Dad are making for the rest of the people in our flat building. I think those bags should be filled for me! I deserve treats; especially since she humiliated me by putting reindeer antlers on my head in the store. I am a dignified working dog! I wear a harness, not horns! ...Ahem...
 When we got home, my girl snuck around the flat hiding things for Dad's stocking, telling me not to tell. I guess things that go in stockings are supposed to be a surprise? Hmmmm. I am thinking I may need one of these stocking things....Wait...she is telling me something...
Oh, right. I am supposed to be telling you about our Christmas decorating.
The flat is quite small, but we have a five foot, skinny tree. Dad bought my girl pretty shiny balls, stars and other things to hang on it. I thought that perhaps the bigger shiny balls were for me, but she said that they belonged on the tree. Dad was smart and bought all "shatter proof" decorations. Roscoe has a mighty tail and has knocked near to ten things off the tree already.
Dad also got her a Gingerbread house; whatever that is. She seemed very happy about that and they are supposed to put it together. It looks like you could eat it, but apparently it's not for eating. Why would you buy something you can't eat? Hmmm...you humans are strange beings.
Besides the tree and Gingerbread house, our house does not have anymore decorations. A box is supposed to arrive, hopefully before Christmas, and I am told that those weird stocking things are in it. Apparently Dad's is Jack Skellington-whoever that is-and my girl's is Tinker Bell: I think that is some shiny, flittering bug thing I'd like to eat. Then again, I like to eat pretty much anything.
My girl told me to make sure I have a nap this afternoon because we're going Christmas shopping tonight. Unless we're going to buy things that I can eat, I think we should stay home. It's crazy windy out there. My girl would have blown away today if she had not been holding on to me tightly. I don't think my opinion counts in this matter though.
My girl also said she's going to be busy making soaps and bath salts tomorrow. They are supposed to be gifts. Again, they are not edible and I say, why bother? She says they smell good. If something smells good, doesn't that  mean you should eat it? I am so confused....Oh, well-moving on.
In the Christmas spirit, VIP has sent us a coupon that we cannot use since we are in the UK. Apparently VIP has added at least 50 new toys to their product line. Wow. That is a lot! If there is anyone out there in Canada or the United States who would like this 8 dollars off coupon, please let us know in this blog's comments by telling us about one of your favourite decorations in your house or traditions. The first person to comment, letting us know that they would like to be considered for the coupon, will be sent the email with the promotion code in it. We look forward to hearing about your decorations and/or traditions. :)
Anyway, that is all I have to tell you today. I should go take that nap so that I can be at my best for my girl when we go Christmas shopping tonight. Santa knows I'll have to move people out of the way for my girl and make sure she doesn't run into those silly displays everyone puts out at this time of year.
So, for now, this is Glacier signing off: reminding you that we only have 11 more shopping days until Christmas.


Unknown said...

Hi Glacier and Jess!
Our favorite decoration is an ornament that looks just like our rescue pup! We don't have a tree, so we hang our ornaments on yarn strung above doorways and in windows. Festive all around!
Happy holidays! And thanks for considering us for the coupon!
E and P

Jess and Glacier said...

Hi E and P: Thanks for stopping by. If you feel comfortable sending me an email to
I will forward the coupon code on to you. :)
And to anyone else who missed out on the coupon, please leave your comments about your decorations or traditions anyway. I'd love to read them.

pattib said...

Glacier is such a silly pup! One thing on his mind, er, stomach--EATING! Can't say I blame him. :)

Nice post!

We put a tree up for the first time in a while, but we had to put FLD Scout's X-pen around it. She thought all the lower ornaments were for her!

Nicky said...

Hi Glacier, Dogtor, I likes that one. Now, your "girl" mustn't be too posh as if she was she wouldn't call your little house a flat but rather an apartment haha. Anyway, hope you all had fun with the shopping.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Glacier, I'm confused. Where are your humans putting their feet? I thought feet went in stockings. When one of my Humans wants stockings they put their feet in them, not goodies.

Y'all come back now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Holidays are always fun, but this will be my first Christmas with a very YOUNG puppy... Who happens to be in the "getting into everything" stage :)

Brandon's Raiser