Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Furry Christmas Day

I hope everyone out there had a day filled with love, laughter and good food; how ever you may have celebrated. Mr. K, Glacier, Roscoe and I had a very enjoyable day, with each other for company. It was odd not gathering with family and stuffing ourselves, and if I can next year I'd like to get back home, but despite it just being us and the fuzzy ones, it actually was quite nice.
The day started with a phone call from my mom waking me up from a nap. I have been having a hard time sleeping as of late and so her call brought me out of a deep sleep. We chatted and she told me of her and my Dad's night. After we hung up I went back into our room and jumped on the bed, telling Mr. K "to wake up! Santa was here!" (Hey, we don't have kids. Someone's gotta play the part). As he woke up, I brought both boys out for their second bathroom trip of the day and upon our return, Mr. K was ready to open gifts. I had wrapped most of his gifts the night before, watching the 1964 version of  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
There were many gifts under the tree for Mr. K as Santa was very generous. Okay, perhaps it was his wife, but you know. His stocking still hasn't arrived, so I, or should I say Santa, filled an empty dog food box with many varieties of chocolate, including a bar filled with Whisky; three mini bottles of Iron Brew (a soft drink that is native to Scotland and is the only soft drink that outsells Coke in Scotland); a water bottle for the gym; and a few other edible goodies. Wrapped under the tree was:
a well aged bottle of Whisky,
a whisky sifter (are you sensing a theme)?,
the extended version of Lord of the Rings box set,,
all of the Star Wars movies,
winter gloves,
a Jack Skellington cookie jar and
a Build a Bear Dachshund dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi (who I named Obi Doc Kenobi for Doc our miniature dachshund we had to rehome when we moved to Scotland). The best part is that his Light Saber makes noise when you move it.
Santa (AKA Mr. K) had brought me my Iphone early and I had Snow White and the Seven Dwarf jammies and Body Shop products to unwrap from Mr. K. My parents also got me a high quality running jacket for my
training. Mr. K and I also received a Crock Pot and a nice set of sheets from my parents.
How did Glacier and Roscoe make out?
They both were given banana and blueberries with their breakfasts to start the day off right. After Mr. K and I opened our presents, the boys were given some new fish treats that I had picked up when I was at the vet. The treats are chunks of dried fish and both dogs love them. Then again, they're Labradors, there probably isn't much they won't like. After their treats, they were given a gigantic Bull Knuckle to share. It probably weighed close to three pounds and was definitely big enough for them to share. In the first five minutes, Glacier broke a chunk off and the boys each had their own bone. Leave it to Glacier to break a bull knuckle apart. They chewed for nearly three hours and made a huge mess of our living room's area rug, but it was Christmas and they were so happy. To finish the evening off, we took the boys down to a walking/cycling trail nearby. It was a warm night, despite the wind gusting strongly. Mr. K brought his White cane and we let the boys off of their leashes so that they could have a good off leash run. They were fantastic, coming when called and sticking close by. I think they may still have felt a sense of duty since Mr. K and I were alone and there wasn't a sighted friend with us. When we take them for off leash runs with other friends, they sometimes venture almost too far off. Last night they would run ahead and then turn around and check in. We returned home with two very tired and happy dogs.
The only glitch we ran into last night was that we had planned on ordering Chinese food for supper, but all of the Chinese places closed up early and the pizza places weren't open at all. We had a great lunch of chicken wrapped in bacon and baked in Ranch and cheese and just had sandwiches for supper. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable day/evening and I am glad I was able to share it with Mr. K, Glacier and Roscoe. Gus and Fiona were here too of course and they did make an appearance in their bonding pouches while we opened presents and  watched The Santa Claus. (They are actually running about our living room as I write this).
It was a very furry Christmas indeed.


Amber DaWeenie said...

You had a very nice Christmas for sure. We all just hung around the house and had a very relaxing day.

Best wishes for a great New Year!

Frankie Furter said...

I kinda like a nice quiet Christmas.. It means more time and SPACE fur getting into the pressies.