Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Little Down Time

Tonight Mr. K and I went out to dinner to celebrate the end of semester for him. We ate at a little restaurant that we both enjoy, but save for special occasions since it is a bit out of budget. Glacier and Roscoe accompanied us of course, carefully guiding us around the other people out for the evening. There were a good many more people than normal, even for a Saturday night; probably because its the Saturday before Christmas and people are trying to fit in holiday parties. The meal was delicious and both Glacier and Roscoe behaved themselves very well; Roscoe lying next to Mr. K's chair and Glacier sprawled under the table.
On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to grab some bread and then at a beer and wine  specialty shop and bought a few Winter Ciders. Again, both dogs were very good, finding doors when we asked and keeping their noses, for the most part, to themselves in both stores. They also traffic checked at two crossings that normally are empty of cars. They are usually quiet side streets that we cross multiple times a day without seeing a vehicle, but again, I think there were more vehicles out due to holiday parties. Glacier and Roscoe have both been very good as of late and Mr. K and I haven't had the opportunity to let them have an off leash run. So, when we got close to the park across from our flat, we turned in, relieved the boys and went into the fenced in area to give them a good romp.
Both dogs were asked to "sit and stay" and they obliged, muscles quivering with excitement. Glacier had to be told "no, stay" twice because he kept leaning forward as if he were about to spring away. After Glacier had settled enough to hold a good "sit stay," we released them. They took off like shots, spraying up wet wood chips behind them.
They raced around the enclosure, chasing each other and circling back to Mr. K and I. Glacier and Roscoe are probably matched for speed, but Roscoe being smaller, can turn on a dime and usually loses Glacier on the corners. They raced and chased and played hard. Their scrambling paws and snorts made me smile. Glacier also decided it was great fun to "stop, drop and roll" in the grass, all four paws in the air. Roscoe thought that Glacier shouldn't be doing that and pounced on him. They were off and running again. The "stop, drop and roll" routine was performed a few more times. I'm sure if I could see, I would be able to see grass stains on my white dog.
After about ten or fifteen minutes, they both slowed down to start sniffing. That was about the time Mr. K figured they were done and we called them back. Both boys returned, tails wagging and tongues lolling. Glacier could have probably run for another hour, but at least he got "some of his beans out;" as we like to say. The enclosure is perfect and children aren't using it this time of year, despite there being no snow. Next time I take the boys to run, I think their Toughies Ring-one of the only toys that made the trip across the pond-will be coming with us. Our flat is much too small for them to play with the ring properly. So, the fenced in park will give them an opportunity to really have a good game of tug with each other.
Both boys are now curled up together; Glacier with his tail over his eyes and nose and Roscoe with his head flopped on Glacier's back. When I reached in to give Glacier a snuggle, I got a strong whiff of damp earth. Yep, I'm sure he's grass stained. :)
 These two dogs work really hard for us and they deserve some down time; time to sniff and run and to be just dogs; even at the risk of smelling like dirt.


K-Koira said...

Sounds like the pups had a well deserved fun run and romping time!

Jen said...

That's making me want to let OJ go for a good run now. Its cool they have each other to play with. Funny that Rosco is smaller and mr. K is so tall.

Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue said...

Rogue's muscles also quiver when she's excited lol! It's funny to watch her try so hard to contain herself.

It sounds as though the boys had a really good evening as well :)

Jess and Glacier said...

K: They had a great time. :) We'll definitely have to do it more often.
Jen: Bring OJ to visit and they can all play together. We don't live as far away anymore. LOL
Brooke: I so wish I could meet Rogue. She sounds like Jetta, Cessna and Glacier all wrapped up in one crazy, fun loving, little girl. :)