Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Running Feet

I hit the ground running both literally and figuratively Friday morning and have barely stopped since. Friday's run went well considering both E and I are new at this whole running attached to each other thing and Tenie came over for some chill out time that evening. She is up on an archaeological dig from Monday to Friday and usually gets back Friday evenings. We had thought to take a bus out to Hobby Craft to get a few bits we still needed for our Halloween costumes, but time was not on our side.
So, bright and early Saturday morning, Tenie, Glacier  and I hopped that bus and ended up out at Hobby craft, searching the aisles for cogs and charms that would make our costumes look more Steam Punk. We didn't stay long as we had a hair appointment and were back on the bus not long after making our purchases. We stopped briefly back at Tenie's flat where I sucked down a cup of coffee and Tenie attempted to paint our goggles black and gold for effect. We weren't there long before we were on the move again.
On the way to the hair salon, we tried to mail off a broken guitar Mr. K needed to return and a ziplock bag of cloth with mine and Mr. K's scent on it for our Sugar Glider babies to have in their sleeping pouch, but the post office closed just ten minutes before our arrival. We back tracked to the salon and enjoyed an afternoon of hair cuts and Tenie had some highlights put in.
After our primping it was time to scarf down some food and get our costumes on. I think I found time to have a nap somewhere in there before heading out. Tenie and I dressed up Steam Punk style and Mr. K, Carmen, Tenie and I ended up at a pub called "The Auld Hoose." AKA The Old House. It was an enjoyable evening out and I pretty much collapsed into bed when we got home.
Sunday I slept in, but Tenie arrived mid afternoon and we were off again, making a few purchases from the drug and grocery stores. Mr. K was making American style biscuits and gravy and we needed a few more supplies to make them complete. I also grabbed a peppermint foot lotion from The Body Shop as E, Carmen and Tenie were over for foot soaks and foot massages.
We ate our fantastically unhealthy, but tasty meal and I made a foot soak for all of the girls to enjoy. It was incredibly relaxing.
Monday was another early morning for me with Glacier and I heading out to E's flat to start our second triathlon training session. The weekend had a few late nights, some sweets and a few alcoholic beverages, so mine and E's bodies were protesting the whole way through the core workout. I felt like my bum was too heavy and E's arms complained the whole time. I was glad to discover though that the sheering pain I had endured all weekend in my calves due to our first run had subsided. This meant, a pain free run.
Our second run went very well. We are still running with my arm draped over E's forearm, but will soon switch to a tether to keep us together. I want us to be moving smoothly as a cohesive unit before I wean us off of the arm attachment style. That said, we were very much in sync the whole run and didn't even break stride when I had to step behind E three times when other people passed us. Her verbal warnings about uneven ground are well timed and I'm really starting to learn to read her body language. I'm very excited about and impressed with our progress in such a short time.
Both days out we ran into our own cheerleading squad. It is amazing to me that complete strangers are so supportive of us just out running. The first day out an older woman walking her dog saw us, smiled and then gave us the thumbs up. The second day one of E's friends came to the park during our workout to shout words of encouragement at us as we ran past. He used to be a marathon runner and so his encouragement was really appreciated. Another older woman told us that she was impressed by us as we ran by.
Today E and I met at a local cafe to talk with a representative from Scottish Disability sport. Basically, this guy's job is to assist disabled athletes get their needs met with regards to training within an able-bodied club. We talked about how to get a tandem bike and what clubs I should try to join. Our conversation lasted over an hour and E and I both left feeling encouraged and excited. We have the support we need. The rep stated at one point, "I ask the hard questions." I'm really glad we have his assistance because I feel that clubs/sporting organisations are going to be more obliged to help us out with a professional on our side.
E and I also had a heart to heart after the rep left. She told me that she recognises the seriousness of this commitment and my goal to make the 2016 Paralympic Games. She went on to say that if, at any point, I am out performing her to tell her and I can find a new guide that is more suited to my needs. I was very impressed by her professional attitude, but I'm quite certain that that won't be a concern as long as we both stay as committed to this as we are now. I too have a responsibility to her in that if she decides that this is way too much for her, then I need to be willing to let her back off and find another guide. Again, I don't think this will be an issue any time soon.
Tomorrow is another running day and we may also be off to get me signed up with the local gym. We discovered that people with disabilities get a significantly  discounted monthly fee and that makes both Mr. K and I feel better about the cost.
So, all in all, it's been a very busy few days and I'm not sure it's about to slow down. E and I purchased brand new running shoes  to get our training "off on the right foot" so to speak and we get to try them out tomorrow morning. Of course, mine  are predominantly purple. Tomorrow I also have a few errands to run, such as getting registered  with a surgery (AKA Doctor's office), but I will make greater efforts to update more frequently.
E and I are also going to try a new route for our run tomorrow to keep our growing guiding/guidee relationship challenged and sharp. I figure the harder we make it in the beginning, the easier it will get. So, wish us luck with our new shoes and new route tomorrow. :)


L^2 said...

Yay for purple running shoes. Hope you're run is good.

Jen said...

So glad the runnings going well. I've missed a few posts but just catching up now.