Monday, November 21, 2011

Less Than A Week

I know I just wrote about how the time flies, but as I sit down to write this morning, I am again amazed at how quickly time really is going. In less than a week, Gus and Fiona will be coming home. Yes, that is right-Mr. K and I have named our two Sugar Glider Joeys Gus (after the mouse in Cinderella) and Fiona (from Shrek). So, do you know what that manes? That means that L^2 of A Dog's Eye View is our winner for the babies' name guessing game.
We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging program for a very important announcement. Congratulations to L^2 for using the  clues and cleverly guessing both Joeys' names.
L^2 and I will have to work out the prize as originally I had thought I'd give away some of the soaps/bath salts that I make, but I'm thinking the travel may be rough on the items. So, L^2, please send me and email and we'll discuss further how we're going to get your prize to you. And for those of you who haven't read her blog, you really should go over and check it out. It is full of a lot of interesting and eloquently written thoughts on life and a lot of adorable pictures that she takes herself. (A link to her blog can be found under  the heading "Impawtant Places").
 Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging program.
I can't believe it's been nine weeks since we spoke to a Sugar Glider breeder and were told we'd be able to bring our newest furry family members home. The cage has been assembled for almost a month and we've been slowly adding necessary items to it in order to provide Gus and Fiona a safe environment in which they could thrive. Last night Mr. K even got a bit creative and braided fleece into two ropes that both babies can use for climbing. He also made his own version of a sleeping pouch, which took some patience as far as I can tell. He also attached a sheet of dark fleece to the roof of the cage that dangles down the back to serve not only to block out drafts, but also to ensure Fiona and Gus keep their food and other such things in the cage and not on the flat's walls. Apparently they can be messy eaters. Even though Mr. K woke me up at 3 AM to view his handy work, and I am sure I did not show my enthusiasm then, I am incredibly impressed at his craftiness and I think it's great he's as excited about bringing these fuzz butts home as much as I am.
I'm not going to lie though: I am also scared sh**less. Here we are bringing tiny creatures with opposable thumbs into our home. The breeder sent us photos this week, as she has every week since we sent our deposit in, and there was one of one of the joeys clinging to a piece of paper on the wall, just hanging out. All I can say is that this is going to be an interesting ride.
I wonder what Glacier and Roscoe will think. E has just acquired three phairits  and Glacier has been introduced to them on more than one occasion. He is very curious, but is gentle and is good about minding his manners when I ask him to "sit" or "leave it." I know Sugar Gliders aren't exactly the same,  but at least I know his prey drive isn't that high. I think he wanted to play with them. So, I think Glacier will be interested by Gus and Fiona, but I'm not really worried about him. Roscoe won't be a problem at all. He'll be curious at first, probably a bit wary, and then want to get as far away from Gus and Fiona as he can. At least, these are the reactions I think our boys will have to little flying squirrelish things invading their flat.
Regardless of being slightly terrified, Mr. K and I are both quite excited. Tonight we will order the fruits and vegetables we need to keep Fiona and Gus healthy and set aside a  night this week to chop, blend and freeze a month's supply of food. The breeder also wants to sit down with us and have coffee before we take the Joeys home and that puts me at ease a bit. As I said above, I  can't believe how fast nine weeks has gone by. I am excited and scared, but I suppose these are all feelings first time parents feel when they are about to bring a human baby home. Puppies I'm more excited about and less afraid as I kind of know what to expect, but Fiona and Gus are a whole new species of animal and I'm just hoping that we can look after them as well as we do our dogs.


L^2 said...

I'm very much looking forward to your blog tales of life with Sugar gliders. I'm sure you guys will be great parents. :)

Oh, and I replied to the comment you left on my blog the other day, but I'll email you too. *hugs*

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

We have great faith in your abilities. You'll be fine once you get the new babies home.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog