Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Glider Give Away Name Game

Based on popular vote, it would appear that we have a guessing game on our hands, or paws, whichever you may have. The game is simple: guess the names of our Sugar Glider joeys due home November 26th.
The rules are pretty simple as well:
-five guesses per joey (I.E., 5 per baby girl and five per baby boy for a total of ten guesses),
-if I have told you their names already, please sssshhhh
The winner will be announced next Tuesday and depending on where you are located, prizes will be discussed. If only one of the Joeys' names is guessed, prizes will still be awarded to the person who is correct.
Here are your hints.

Baby Girl Hints
-The first letter in her name is F.
-This name can also be a person's name. (I know, I know. I broke my own rule of not naming animals people names).
-Think kids' animated movies out in the early 2000's

Baby Boy Hints
-The boy is named after a famous mouse
-His name is no longer than five letters long, but no less than three
-This too could be a person's name, but I've yet to meet a human with it.

I hope you have fun guessing. Take your time and think about your answers as you have a whole week to come up with your answers. All guesses should be left in the "comment" section of this post.
Happy guessing. :)


L^2 said...

How fun! Okay, I took a whole five minutes to think about it. LOL

Girl: Fiona, Flower, Fauna, Flora, or um... darn I only came up with four. How about Fairy, though that's probably not a real person's name. :)

Boy: Rizzo, Jerry, Ralph, Gus or Jaq.

The Pawpower Pack said...

Boy: Ralph

I'm probably way of here but my brain is fried. Now I'm off to research Sugar Gliders. I can't wait to read about your new family members!