Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

As the title of this post would indicate, today's entry may be a bit all over the place as there are some small things vying for my attention.
First thing's first, our Wodent Wheel arrived today. (I may be spelling that wrong). The wheel has a closed design with large spaces on the side for your little critter to get in and out. The wheel is a favourite amongst Sugar Glider, rat and Chipmunk owners since the design of the wheel keeps the animal's tail, paws and anything else from getting caught. We also bought an insert that replaces the standard track that assists with grinding down the Sugar Glider's claws while they are running. Apparently, you need to trim their claws and they are not big fans. From everything I have read, this insert should help a bit with that problem. The wheel comes in many colour combinations and sizes, so you can select the correct size for your precious pet.
We picked one of the larger sizes and a maroon/black combination. There was pink and black, but I wasn't sure Baby Boy would like that very much.
These wheels are very popular even with hamster owners. Rats, apparently, take longer to warm up to it, but eventually love it because it is closed. Not that I am a rodent expert by any means. Once our babies arrive, I'll be able to give this product a better review. So far though, I am quite satisfied with its construction.
Our next order of business is my triathlon training. I haven't written much about it as of late because the training is not really...well, happening. I've tried to do home workouts with yoga poses, core exercises and various forms of push-ups to try and maintain some level of strength. I also walk a lot here, so I know that will help a bit, but I really need to get this whole thing worked out.
Training as a blind athlete, as I've mentioned before, is difficult unless you have a guide and the special equipment you need. This weekend I am supposed to call a potential guide to discuss training options and so I really hope that is a fruitful phone call. None of my friends are very athletic, so finding someone to even just go jogging or running with isn't really an option. If I could see, I'd just get up every morning and at least get the running in on my own, but being blind and all, a guide is necessary to ensure I don't run into things or out into the road. :)
Mr.  K and I are also supposed to go to the gym and actually sign up in the upcoming days. When  I was in talking with one of the trainers about joining, he seemed excited and totally willing to have Glacier and I present in the gym. Attitudinal barriers can be as much as a difficulty for disabled people as structural ones, such as not having ramps. He also mentioned something about the gym being able to sponsor me and my triathlon endeavors. If they would, that would be a dream come true as training seriously for a sport is costly and when you are blind you pretty much have to double those costs since you are paying for a lot of your guide's stuff. Not to mention, I still need a tandem bike and someone or some way to transport it to and from training and races. That alone will cost thousands of pounds and/or dollars. I know that these guys are trained to say whatever it takes to get you to join, but I really do hope he and I sit down and have a conversation about sponsorship.
As for next September, Queen Margaret University contacted me to ask if I wanted to still be considered for the Physiotherapy program. I was going to say no, but thought better of it and said yes. Sure, I've applied to the University of Edinburgh for Performance Psychology, but what if I don't get in? I can't put all of my eggs in one basket, so to speak. So, I've even thought of applying to the Sociology department at the University of Edinburgh as well for a research Master's program. That way, next September I may have three areas to pick from.
If that's not enough, my soap/bath salt making is starting to come together. I bought a bunch of jars last night to house my finished bath salt concoctions and now I'm looking for a "butcher's" paper to wrap the soaps up in. It's mostly a hobby, but if people want to buy them, that is okay by me as well.
Aria, our first miniature Dachshund and our only girl so far, is going to be moving again. I feel very badly for her because she will be incredibly confused, but she is going to a fabulous home. Mr. K's parents' divorce is going through and so Aria needs to find a new home. I reached out to friends and family, hoping that someone would want her. It was only in May that we gave her to Mr. K's Mom and I was worried no one would take her.
Thankfully, and to my pleasant surprise, my uncle and his girlfriend, who adopted Doc one of our male Miniature Dachshunds, said they want her. They are really looking forward to having her and I know she will be well loved and taken care of. Plus, she will be reunited with Doc and will get to have a new big sister named Beatrice, a rescue dog. This past weekend my uncle and his girlfriend went camping and Beatrice and Doc went with them. Aria is a rough and tumble girl despite her small size and so I think their home will be a dream come true for her.
Again, I feel badly, but at least she knows the people she is going to and she will have one familiar dog to play with  and another to get to know. She loves the companionship and the house is also full of three teenagerish kids. So, she'll get a lot of attention. Doc also won't be so lonely when he gets crated when my uncle and his girlfriend go out because he and Aria will be able to share a crate. They have a large crate that is meant for a big dog, so there will be plenty of room for both Doc and Aria. Beatrice does not need to be crated when left alone because her house training is stellar, but Doc still has accidents and the crate keeps him from leaving surprises for whoever gets home first. I guess you can't really blame him: he's only been out of the kennel and into a home for seven months when he had lived there for about eight. They are working with him though. He also went into get fixed yesterday and had a small benign tumour removed from his nose. Mr. K and I had no idea he had it, but are glad that it was nothing to worry about.
So, there you go. A whole bunch of little updates rolled into one. :)


Becky said...

Fun to read your little bit of everything. Oh, I so hope your running guide works out this weekend.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Never a dull moment in y'alls lives. Can't wait to hear more about all the "irons in the fire" you have.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Amber DaWeenie said...

Wow...never a dull moment says it all and then some! :o)

Jen said...

I hope Aria likes her new home, though it sounds like she will. I hope the guide runner works out too. I think your right to apply for all the courses you can, you never know which you might feel like doing most this time next year.

Thanks for leaving the comments on my last few posts. Very cool, since most people who miss posts just don't bother commenting.

L^2 said...

I think it's a good idea to have lots of options for school, so just in case one doesn't work out you'll have back ups to choose from.
I hope Aria likes her new home - it sounds like she will. And I hope the guide runner works out for you too.