Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sweet Home Edinburgh

Guess what?
We have a flat! Yay! Mr. K and I have our own home. Tomorrow we go to pick up the keys and sign the lease. Very exciting stuff. We haven't actually seen the flat yet, but we're both pretty happy to be moving into our own place. Everyone in this flat have been incredibly accommodating and nice to us and we are very grateful. After we pick up the keys and sign the  lease, we'll head up to the flat and then take a bus up to Ikea and pick the stuff that we will need such as sheets.
We also picked up our cell phones today. We both figured that two blind people wandering around an unfamiliar city without any form of communication would be bad. So, cell phone shopping we went. Mine's just a little thing that calls; nothing fancy. I really like Iphones because of the accessibility options, but since we don't have credit in the UK yet, we couldn't get one. I'm satisfied with a phone that dials though.
On another note, last night we headed out with the entire flat for drinks. The cafe we went to was quite nice. I had a cup of peppermint tea because it was a cold and rainy night. On the way home we stopped at a "Chippy,"which we do not have in North America. Chippy are kind of fast food with deep fried everything. I had a smoked sausage. After consuming our very unhealthy midnight snack standing on the street curb, we began walking home. Carmen was guiding Mr. K and Tenie was acting as my eyes for the night. We had opted to leave the boys at home as we didn't know how full the cafe would be and we also didn't want the dogs getting all wet and stinky right before bed. As we walked along, Tenie and I leading the way, we heard a gigantic crashing sound. Tenie turned around and managed to pull me out of the way as Mr. K came crashing towards us.
Apparently, he had tripped over a loose cobble stone. He was quite sore walking home and today his back and shoulder is sore. He didn't actually fall down, but in the effort of trying not to roll his ankle, he had thrown himself forward sort of causing whiplash. Good thing his wife is a massage therapist and can fix that right?
As for my legal troubles, I contacted a lawyer and she is reviewing my case. She is supposed to be in touch tomorrow. We will discuss the financial side of things after she has gone over the details. She had advised me to look into Scotland Legal Aid Board to see if they would be able to give us financial assistance with the legal fees, but we were denied. Mr. K and I decided to proceed regardless as we both feel that this is very important.
It would appear that everything is moving right along. I am not sure what day we will be fully moved in, but I may be absent as we will not have internet at our new place right away. That said, I will probably be over at this flat harassing my girls, so I still may be able to update you lovely people.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Hope Mr. K is feeling a little better by now. What a welcome you received from a new country, huh?

Good luck with that lawsuit. I think you have a great case if Scotland is the same as the USA.

L^2 said...

Congrats on getting your flat! Staying with friends can be fun, but I'm sure it will be nice to finally get settled into your own place.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Just stopped to catch up! So happy y'all got your flat! Can't wait to hear about it!

As for your being turned down for the job...I can sympathize because I'm old enough to have been turned down for a job and later on a promotion because I'm a woman. That was back when help wanted ads were listed "help wanted male" and "help wanted female". Your grandparents would remember that time.

Do you have letters of recommendation from your previous employers or even instructors? If not, request them and have copies to leave whenever you go for an interview. Also, copies of your Canadian Board certification would be good.

If you gave her all that documentation, she should be taken out and...I'll let you finish the thought...

So glad y'all have Tenie and Carmen there to help y'all learn your way around.

Thoughts and prayers with you,
BrownDog's Momma

pattib said...

Congrats on the flat! And good for you in following up with a lawyer. You have every right to be enraged. Go get 'em!