Thursday, August 11, 2011

International Assistance Dog Week: Supporting a Good Cause

When I found out about International Assistance Dog Week, I really wanted to use it as an opportunity to promote assistance dog related matters. So, here are a few links to wet your interest.

1. L^2 over at
A Dog's Eye View
is currently holding an online auction to help raise funds to sponsor a puppy from Guide Dogs of America. L^2 and I were at Leader Dogs for the Blind together to get our first dogs and she is now working with a chocolate Lab from Guide Dogs of America. Please support this worthy cause. More information about her puppy sponsorship and the auction can be found at the link above.

2. I'm going to post this again just in case someone out there accidentally finds my blog. If you are at all interested in raising a puppy for Leader Dogs for the Blind please visit
their website
and learn more about their program and how you can become involved. Puppy raising is one way you can contribute, but there are so many other volunteer opportunities and all of the information  can be found at the link above. Also, if you are unsure, just contact LDB and ask for more information. You are not going to be forced into puppy raising just because you enquired about further information. I promise! :)

So, that is it for now. See you tomorrow as we continue to celebrate International Assistance Dog Week. :)

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L^2 said...

Thank you so much for telling your readers about my auction, Jess! HERE is a direct link to the auction site, for those who don't want to have to visit my blog to find it. :)