Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Fact Friday: The Man Behind the Girl

Since yesterday was mine and Mr. K's anniversary, I thought I'd introduce him a bit more formerly

Fifteen Fun Facts: Mr. K

1. I have already mentioned this before, but since it is so obvious...Mr. K is six foot five inches tall, which makes him almost exactly a foot taller than me. Almost!
2. Mr. K wears his hair fashioned into a mohawk...or squished under a hat; depending on his mood.
3. Mr. K hates vegetables! It is impossible to get that man to get near anything that grew in the ground, on a vine, from a get the point.
4. Mr. K was a cat person all of his life and wasn't a huge fan of dogs. The funny thing is he is incredibly allergic to cats and now he loves dogs. Hmmm, I wonder whose fault that was? ;)
5. Mr. K has way more tattoos than I do. Both arms have at least half sleeves that are Japanese inspired and his leg has a gigantic Jack Skellington  from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. He also hasa Green Lantern symbol on his forearm...did I mention my husband's a nerd? (He's been on a Star Wars kick lately).
6. Despite being a very big man, Mr. K is a very good dancer; much better than me.
7. Mr. K loves electronics and electronics love him. I can have a problem with my cell phone, do everything that I know he'll do and it still not work; then hand it over to Mr. K, he do the things I did and the stinking thing works.
8. Mr. K has a contagious laugh. If he gets going I can't help but to start laughing right along with him.
9. Mr. K lost his vision at the age of 25 to a neurological condition, but had terrible vision in his left eye previous to that; he was practically blind out of it.
10. Mr. K loves Coke-it is his cryptinite (LOL. Oh, I crack myself up).
11. He loves music and was in a Christian, Death Metal band in high school. He still plays the guitar from time to time, but his latest passion has been the banjo.
12. Mr. K thinks that he lacks patience, and perhaps for some things he does, but for others such as my crazy ideas he is quite patient. I mean, come on. He's moving to Scotland because I got it in my head that it would be a good place to go.
13. Mr. K really should go on a trivia game where he could win a lot of money because...he'd win. The man is full of what some people would call "useless knowledge..." But I wouldn't call it useless facts because most of it is interesting and kind of useful.
14. Mr. K will talk to anyone. I'm not kidding. He'll call his university to get his classes set up for next semester and he suddenly has a new best friend. I'll hear him talking and think he's chatting to someone he knows  really well and it turns out it's the sales person from AT and T.
15. Mr. K's name is interchangeable between the sexes and when I first met him I blurted out:
"You're like the boy named Sue!"
Somehow, he married me anyway.


rottrover said...

Nice to know more about you, Mr. K!!

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Sounds like you got one of the world's best hubbies. I got the other one :)

I wager that there are a few other people who would argue that their hubby is the best. :)

Y'all come back more,
BrownDog's Human

pattib said...

Yep, Brown Dog--I have the other best hubby, too!

Nice post, Jess--and by the way, thanks for commenting on my blog today, unfortunately I accidentally deleted it instead of publishing it! (My fat fingers on my Itouch is the culprit.) Didn't want you to think I was ignoring your comment. Thanks, as always, for reading! (Oh, and we got the air conditioning replaced today! yay! No more panting dogs!)

Jen said...

He sounds very cool! You've convinced him to come to Scotland, so you can easily convince him to come for a holiday to Ireland.
And, I love the fact that I know his name haha. That used to drive me crazy!

Jess and Glacier said...

Rot Rover: He says "thanks." :)
Brown Dog's Human: I think you are right.
Patty: No worries about hitting "delete." :) It happens. Glad your AC is back up and running. I think those of us with good hubbies are very lucky. :)
Jen: I think he'd be more than willing to take a trip to Ireland. We've talked about where we want to travel since we're moving over there and Ireland was at the top of the list-it's just even better because we'll get to meet you! :)
PS: It drove you nuts you didn't know his name? LMAO! Too funny.
PPS: I was going to say we should meet one day, but I didn't want you to think I was creepy. LOL!

Jen said...

I usually would be a bit weary of meeting someone online and would never really suggest it, but somehow I don't think your a weirdo and we would have a lot in common :)