Monday, July 25, 2011

All of Our Ducks In a Row

Okay, so perhaps I'm not lining up ducks, but I am trying to get things ready for when we arrive in Edinburgh. Mr. K starts class three days after we land and I really want things to go as smoothly as possible. I'm not under any illusions, as I've stated before, that there won't be any glitches, but I'm trying to eliminate as many as I can. The "duck" I am working on is finding employment. Since I may or may not get into Queen Margaret this fall, finding a job is necessary. The problem is, there aren't many jobs in the field I can work in and I sort of feel unemployable. I know that I am, but there are a few things that make think someone else may get the job over me.
I think the biggest factor is that I am not from the UK. My qualifications are not the same as the ones that the job descriptions are looking for. Actually, my qualifications are more advanced in some ways-my massage program was a 2200 hour program whereas massage courses take place on weekends in most cases in Scotland-but I don't have the letters behind my name that they are looking for. I have applied anyway. You will never know until you try. I know I have to be patient and I think that is my biggest problem right now.
I hate waiting. I've never been good at it. Dog training still calls to me, but the cost of the courses is just not something we can afford right now. Part of me just wants to say, "screw it" and open up a pet store/bakery, but again, that isn't very realistic. That would be a pricy venture too.
There seem to be a lot of jobs available for Personal Trainers and I've actually sent out a few requests for more information. Becoming a Personal Trainer would actually suit Physiotherapy quite well and I could complete the course in as little as  six weeks. I'm really trying to keep my options open. I just wish I had some responses back, whether yay or nay, so that I knew we had a bit of a more concrete plan upon arrival. Then again, it probably wouldn't kill me to take a few weeks to settle in. With the move getting closer and closer, I think I'm just being a worry wart. A pet store does sound good though doesn't it? A bakery, an spot for canine massage, training services...I can just see it now. :)


pattib said...

Dream BIG! (But it won't hurt to get the lay of the land for a few weeks first.) :)

Jess and Glacier said...

LOL I know. You're right. Thanks. :)
Dreaming big has never been my problem-stopping to smell the roses has been.