Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On The Move Again

Today Glacier, my mom, Dad and I will pack up my dad's new truck and head down to Toronto for our last Portuguese passport appointment. Then, tomorrow we'll start the long trek back to SC and Mr. K. I am excited to see him and Roscoe, but a little sad to leave my hometown. I will be back next summer for a visit though, so it's not like I will never be back again.
My parents will stay for a while and we'll use that time to get some things done for our upcoming move to Scotland. We will go through our things and get rid of a whole bunch of stuff. Those items that are in good condition will go to Good Will and the rest will get tossed. We'll also get the "space saver" bags and have my parents help us vaccuum pack a few items we won't need in Sc, but will need in Scotland like winter coats, dog boots and linens. Their visit will not be all work and no play.
We plan on going to the coast and visiting the ocean. I love the ocean and was disappointed that we only saw it once since moving to SC. The cool part about moving to Scotland is that we'll still be near the ocean and will be able to take public transit there. We may even make a trip up into the mountains. That is a trip Mr. K and I have not made yet and it would be nice to see some of SC before we move away.
But before all of the sorting, packing, throwing away and visiting can occur, we have a very long road trip ahead. Due to our stop in Toronto, we will probably arrive in SC on Friday. We'll miss Canada Day, but we'll still get fireworks for The Fourth of July, complete with Mr. K. We've been separated for about three months, with a two week visit around the wedding, so it will be very nice to actually spend time with my husband.
I will try to update from the road, but I am not sure what the internet access will be like. If I can't, I will see you guys when I get to SC. :)


pattib said...

Have a safe trip!

L^2 said...

Hope you have a good, safe trip. *hugs*

Kolchak Puggle said...

Have a wonderful trip!