Thursday, May 05, 2011

Still Going

Last night was another successful trip to the gym. Glacier, Lindsay and I did get bombarded in the change room by a woman with an intellectual disability. She was concerned about a dog being in the gym, but after I explained his job to her and answered a few of her questions, she was satisfied. She had us all laughing and I really appreciated that when things were explained logically to her, she accepted it and moved on. At one point she made to pet Glacier, but when I told her that he'd forget his job and walk me into things, she said,
"Oh right," as if that was the most true thing she had ever heard in her life and then went back to getting ready for her shower. Upon leaving the gym, her mom stopped by my treadmill where Lindsay was lining my phone up with the "up and down" buttons so I knew where they were and said,
"Thanks for the lesson. Now we have to go home and research guide dogs on the internet." I laughed so hard I almost fell off the treadmill.
Speaking of treadmills, I was reminded of why I would have a difficult time attending a public gym on my own unless some machines were labeled for me. First thing is first, remember those new pants I bought? Well, apparently they're too big because while I was running on the treadmill, they kept sliding down and I had to keep grabbing them and pulling them back up. I told Lindsay when she checked in after the first round of her circuit and she managed to rustle up a safety pin that she got from the front desk. After pinning my pants, I was able to finish my workout without fearing that I would moon the whole gym. That said, my pants were the least of my problems.
The flat screen of the treadmill posed a problem. I had originally wanted to go for a half an hour with 2 minutes of running and 3 minutes of walking. In doing that I would have to adjust the treadmill by myself so Lindsay placed my cell phone just beneath the "up button. That worked for me to go from a walk to a run, but I couldn't find the "down" button after my 2 minutes were up. I slid the phone over and began jamming my finger frantically into the landmark free screen and nothing happened. Eventually I gave up and figured I would just run until Lindsay came back from her circuit. Those were the longest six minutes of my life. :) I was running for longer than intended and I didn't think I was in good enough shape to keep going. I needed water and my pants kept falling down. Every once in a while I would attack the screen again with my index finger in the hopes of slowing the machine down, but no beep came and so I kept running; grabbing my pants every twenty seconds or so. The thought crossed my mind at one point to push the "emergency" stop button, but that would have been so embarrassing. I knew Lindsay wouldn't be too much longer, so I kept running, drooping pants and all. LOL Finally, Lindsay came and rescued me: she slowed the treadmill down and pinned my pants. With my pants securely fastened on, I started the machine again and had Lindsay line the phone up beside the buttons. That way I would be able to find the "down" much easier; or so I thought.
The eight minutes of running had taught me that I was stronger than I thought. So, with that in mind I thought I'd run for five and walk for two to finish out the workout. Again, the elusive "down" button managed to escape my jabbing finger. It shouldn't have been that hard. Lindsay had done a fabulous job lining the phone up as a guide, but all of the bouncing of my running made it impossible to punch the button. So, on I ran again. After another five minutes, which I know went because my phone talks and tells me the time, I tried punching the screen with my finger again. My thighs were screaming and I needed to cool down before Lindsay was done her second round of the circuit. I fumbled for a couple of more minutes and somehow managed to nudge the "down" arrow once. Just once! The treadmill speed dropped by one and I was still running. Again, I thought about the "emergency" stop button, but I was worried if I hit it, I wouldn't be able to start again and cool down. I would have to wait for Lindsay to get back and by then my muscles would have become cold and cramped up. No, I had to slow the thing down by myself.
I fumbled around some more and by some miracle, I found the button and stayed on it. I slowed the treadmill down and walked at a comfortable pace, pouring water down my throat. All the while, Glacier laid calmly by the side of my treadmill, oblivious to my plight.
After the treadmill incident, I decided sticking to Lindsay like glue for the rest of the night was a good idea. I wasn't prepared to have any more "run away" machines. She wanted  to cycle for a bit and even though my quads were begging for relief, I complied. I have to get into better shape and she's trying to get fit as well, so I hopped on the bike. We pedaled for only 10 minutes, but that was enough for me. We moved on into the "stretching" room and we got out the ball again, but when I tried my first sit-up I knew something was wrong.
I had pushed so hard the day before with the core exercises that I hardly could use my muscles to lean myself back. They hurt so bad. I spotted her on the ball and then opted to do crunches, and variations of crunches, on a mat, but not before Glacier managed to taste another gym goer.
I had been describing a core exercise I used to love to do because it was challenging, but wasn't sure if that gym was equipped for it. Lindsay took me over to a machine that she thought would serve my purpose and I didn't realise that there was a guy on a machine beside me. Just as I was about to bring Glacier into a "heel" Lindsay and I both heard giggling and Lindsay exclaimed,
"He's licking someone!"
"Glacier no!" I managed to mumble as I corrected him. "That is rude!" I continued to reprimand  him, but the guy was laughing and there didn't seem to be any damage. I will just have to be more aware next time because that could have caused problems if the guy had been allergic to dogs or afraid of them.
We went back to our mat and I started my core workout. Glacier thought I was in distress,  so he placed his enormous, heavy head on my abs again. I burst out laughing and he began licking my face in concern, which made me laugh even harder. Then he plunked his paw down on my chest as if to hold me in place. Every time I moved it, he put it back. I finally managed to convince him that it was okay and he lay still watching me. When I took a break, he shoved his nose up against my neck, tucked his paw over my arm and settled in for a snuggle. Oh Glacier-you gotta love him. :) Needless to say, our workout was productive, but it sure wasn't without incident. There is never a dull moment and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
Tonight we're taking the dogs for a run before we head to the gym. Glacier will stay home tonight as I would like to use the sauna and I obviously can't take him in there and I am worried people would have opportunity to interact with him while I'm in there. So, we got some good working in this morning and the run will make him sleepy, which will make watching him a breeze for my dad.


Jen said...

That post made me laugh so much! Thanks!

Frankie Furter said...

You never know WHEN or WHERE a teaching moment will crop up. I am sure that she will remember the experience and put it to good use some time in the future. That was most considerate of you.

pattib said...

"intellectual disability"

I love it! Thanks for sharing your workout adventures!

Brooke, Phoenix, Cessna, Aspen & Canyon said...

Phoenix used to also have a really bad habit of going over to lick the faces of unsuspecting people at the gym. Luckily he only attended the gym at the University of Guelph though, so there were always smiles and giggles after his kisses.