Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Little Flare

Glacier and I have had a pretty busy but enjoyable weekend. Friday night my mom and I headed across to Michigan and had a very good supper. Then we went to Joanne's Fabrics in order to buy pew bows and to find something to make them a bit more appealing. White, fluffy bows are neither mine nor Mr. K's idea of interesting, so Mom and I were on a mission to find something to add a bit of flare. Interestingly enough, this task proved a bit more difficult than we anticipated.
At first, we thought we'd get beads, I'd string them together and we'd add them to the bows. The selection of beads was a bit lacking and the one bead that I did fall in love with only had two left. They were these really cool Terra Cotta,   orange suns that we were going to dangle from a strand of pearls into the centre of the bow. We looked at a few different styles of beads, but nothing suited our fancy.
Mom and I visited the ribbon section to see what they had, but were not inspired. There were rolls and rolls of various ribbons, some with sequins others with fake pearls and still others with rhinestones, but we were just not feeling it. We even pulled one of the pew bows out of the box and placed the different strands beside it, but it was a no go. What's interesting to me, is that until we went to a florist to discuss decorating the chapel, I had no idea that people even used pew bows. I didn't even know what one looked like until Mom pulled it out of the box in the store. Being a blind bride has been very interesting  let me tell you. :)
After we vetoed the beads and ribbon, we stopped in a section where they had little glittery bits that you can add to scrap books or sew on to clothing. It didn't take much searching for us to come away with two packages of pastel dragonflies, orange Gerber Daisies and a few packages of purple Irises. The dragonflies are quite small whereas the flowers have different sizes in the packages. We thought we could arrange three dragonflies on one pew bow, or combine a dragonfly or two with a larger flower. Some of the Irises are quite small as well, so a few of those would go quite nicely with a larger Gerber Daisy. I am very satisfied with our new plan for the pew bows. I think these sparkly  accents will be perfect for a spring wedding.
Other than our pew bow excursion, we haven't done much more with regards to wedding planning. Today I am going to sit down and send an email to our new DJ with songs that we must absolutely hear at the reception and songs that may not be played under any circumstance. Mr. K and I have the majority of the special songs picked out. For example, my bouquet toss is probably going to be "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen and Mr. K's garter toss song is "Legs" by ZZTop. With less than a month to go, things are definitely coming together, despite running into a small glitch where a Groom'sman got a new job and is now not able to come. Mr. K was disappointed, and rightfully so, but we're hoping another of Mr. K's friends is able to step in.
That's all for now. Have a Happy Sunday. :)


Kolchak Puggle said...

I love hearing about all the little things you guys are doing to make the wedding uniquely you. I love celebrations that are really personlized. Since Daddy is never going to propse to Mama, we might have to live vicariously through the Royal Wedding - and yours!

Jess and Glacier said...

What?! He's not? What's up with that? How does your Mama feel about that?
Tell your Mama that she can help personalize our wedding any day. :)