Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Fact Friday: Wedding Details

Since our wedding is eight days away, I thought this would be a good time to tell you a bit more about it. :)

Fifteen Fun Facts About Mine and Mr. K's Wedding

1. The ceremony is going to take place in a historical chapel. It was built in the 1800's and the outside is Sand Stone from the St. Mary's River that runs through our town.
2. The reception is going to be at The Portuguese hall. My mom came to Canada when she was three and the hall seemed like the natural choice-plus, their prices are more than reasonable. :)
3. Our menu consists of:
-a traditional Portuguese soup (kind of like a vegetable),
-roasted chicken
-roasted potatoes
-green beans
-chocolate mousse for dessert
5. Our colours are African violet and tangerine. Sounds weird right? Looks very cool.
6. I'm not wearing a veil...a tiara will do nicely thank you. :)
7. There   are three groom's men/bride's maids, a maid of honour and best man, a flower girl and a ring bearer standing up for us.
8. Since Mr. K and I are already legally married, one of his friends is going to officiate the wedding ceremony.
9. The girls' jewelry, including mine, was hand made by Tenie's aunt who is a pretty known artist in the Toronto area. It's beautiful.
10. My shoes were bought for me as a gift by friends in SC and they are know that saying "something borrowed, blue, new, old..." or however it goes? LOL They are the same shoes that Big proposed to Kerri with on the Sex in the City movie. I'm not much of a fashion professional, but they are very nice shoes...and probably cost more than the whole wedding. LOL I have been wearing them in the house and practising because I have never worn five inch heels before-this should be interesting.
11. Mr. K and I are having a sand pouring ceremony instead of a Unity candle for practical reasons...two blind people with fire in a historical chapel does not seem quite right. ;) I will be pouring purple sand and Mr. K will have orange.
12. Roscoe and Glacier are going to be wearing bow ties. Glacier's will be purple and Roscoe's will be orange.
13. Our friends are performing the music for the ceremony. One will play the keyboard while the other sings. The girls will walk in to "What a Wonderful World," I will walk in to "At Last" and the recessional song will be "A Kiss to Build a Dream On." Not very traditional...just the way we like it. LOL
14. Nothing about this wedding is traditional...Mr. K is going to have a purple mohawk, the guys are wearing Chuck Taylors (Mr. K's are going to be orange) and both of my parents will be walking me down the aisle.
15. We have people coming from:
-Vancouver BC
-South Carolina
-Toronto area
-all over Michigan

I think this Fun Fact Friday needed more than 15 Facts. I could have kept writing. LOL I hope you enjoyed my wedding Fun Fact Friday and I will definitely be posting pictures. :)
Happy Friday


L^2 said...

Wow, it all sounds quite awesome to me! I hope you will share at least a few pictures with us.

Oh, one question: Did you buy Glacier and Roscoe's bowties or did someone make them for you? I've thought about getting one for Jack to wear on special occasions, but most of the ones I've looked at online are quite expensive.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Just been catching up on your goings on. So glad all is coming together so well for your wedding. Hope you'll be able to post some pictures from the ceremony and reception for your sighted readers. Everything sounds so beautiful.

We are so happy that Glacier and you have reached a partnership agreement that is working for both of you.

BrownDog's Human

Jen said...

Sounds like its going to be an amazing day!

Jess and Glacier said...

L^2 We're making them because as you said, they are quite expensive. That said, we did see a few more reasonably priced ones on EBay, but they weren't the right colours.
Brown Dog's Human: Yes, we have finally figured out how to communicate with each other. I've never been happy with a lot of leash corrections, but that is what we were taught to do, so wasn't sure how else to deal with the situation...but now things are much better. I will definitely get photos up. :)
Jen: Thanks. :) I hope so. LOL

Kolchak Puggle said...

I love that you have made your big day uniquely you. I bet the orange & purple is gorgeous (LOL and just happens to match my new blog colouring!) We're so excited for you!