Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bride's Bothersome Thoughts

So, I am wide awake...again. Normally I have no problems sleeping and I know I am extremely blessed in this, but in the last five days or so, sleep has been evading me.
It is eleven days from mine and Mr. K's wedding and I lie awake in bed thinking of things that need to be done. The thing is, it's silly because none of these things can be accomplished at three in the morning, nor can they be accomplished properly if I am sleep deprived. My logical brain knows this, but my Worry Wart brain missed the memo. I have actually been quite productive in my waking hours and always come home tired from a crazy day of planning and scratching one job one at a time off of my list,  but when it is bed time I am suddenly awake again.
A lot of the big things are done and now it's just the finishing touches that we are working on. Some things, like decorating the Portuguese hall and the chapel, cannot be done until next week. My dress has been taken in for steaming, Mom bought her shoes today and Dad finally found a tuxedo-cutting it a bit close aren't we Dad? :) We all know that I've scraped the deck clean, and managed to get a dead tree cut down without me knowing. I am giving the bride's maids shoes as their gift and those arrived last night after having to be rerouted. I nearly had a panic attack when the shoes didn't show up on Friday as originally scheduled and a note was sent to Mom's in-box saying that the shoes could not be sent to a PO box.
Another thing we had to deal with last week was the discovery that the keyboard that we thought our friend was going to play for our ceremony was bolted to a wall and would not be able to be moved. Wait...what? Who bolts a keyboard to the wall in the first place and secondly, why the crap did the guy decide to wait until last Wednesday to tell me this? Now we're in a scramble looking for an 88 key keyboard, complete with foot pedal. We may have found one, but I would rather that tat particular loose end gets tied up very quickly.
Dad and one of my uncle's have started replacing the railings and some of the boards on the back deck. It still needs to be finished and stained. We're having the rehearsal dinner here at my parents' which is another area of stress for me. I keep thinking of how much food my parents need to make and whether or not we will be able to get it all done. It's not like we can start making the food this week though because it would be nasty by next Friday.
I have one bride's maid who still does not have the alterations done on her dress; a friend who won't reply to emails who is supposed to be driving our friends up to sing/play during our ceremony; this same friend is also supposed to be bringing the bridal bouquets with her as it is a gift to us from her and her parents; Mom doesn't like how her dress fits; Mr. K had to rush around trying to find a Groom's man stand in; the pew bows are not made yet...*takes deep breath*.
That said, we have gotten a lot done in the last little while:
-Tinkerbell charms were purchased and sewn on to my garters
-my dress has been taken in for steaming (and strap replacement). Apparently the straps that I had put on in SC were white...my dress is ivory. We discovered this today and thankfully the seamstress was there and ready and willing to put the proper straps on the dress. *Takes another deep breath*. Being a blind bride is not easy some days! :)
-Decorations are coming together
-our cake flavours have been selected (chocolate cake with chocolate  cream and a vanilla cake with lemon cream),
-Hair appointments were made,
-Bride's maids' shoes did reach their ultimate destination,
-Cards being placed on the table stating that a donation was made in the guests' honour to Leader Dogs for the Blind in leu of favours were mailed out to my parents' house last week,
-the "do" and "do not" play lists were given to our new DJ,
-New DJ was paid in full amount today...
After writing all of that I thought I'd feel better, but I really don't. LOL I still feel like a dog spinning in pointless circles chasing my tail, but there is no reason for this feeling. Things are and will continue to fall into place. I'm enjoying the planning and doing, but I feel like I'm forgetting to do something. However, tomorrow will come-or rather it has already come-and I will get up, eat a good breakfast, get some of my frustrations out on the elliptical, drink a bucket of coffee and
-pick a cake cutting song and email it to the DJ,
-go across the "river" (AKA, across the Canadian/American border), to get the girls' shoes,
-stop at Big and Lot (or whatever it is called) and pick up four more glowing dragonfly thingies,
-get my cake topper to the fantastic woman making our cake (another thoughtful and wonderful gift)...
and whatever else I need to, or can do tomorrow. But first, I need some sleep.


3 doxies said...

Oh my gosh, it is getting down to da wire withs da wedding...exciting to us but I knows it's stressful with last minute details.
Take everything withs a grain of salt and ENJOY dis time...and breath, dat might helps too.

PS: your comment on blog about Baloo...where is he? Does you not have him anymores? I am sooooo lost.

Shermeen said...

Allow me to give you some comfort, my dear stressed out child.
First, Chris and I will make it to your wedding rehearsal on time regardless of how we get there, so you need not worry your little head about that, although a well-placed call to the girl who'll be driving us probably wouldn't hurt, as we've still not heard from her. It's ok if she isn't going to drive us, but it just means we'll need to know ASAP so we can make alternate arrangements (which, again, we will definitely absolutely make).
Oh, and I already told you I'm getting my hair done with you guys right? I don't know exactly how I want it styled because my hair's ugly and I'm blind, but I'm hoping we can figure that out then.
Lastly, this will all be ok. You're responsible and are surrounded by people who'll bend over backwards fifteen times to make sure all goes well, and I promise you'll be ok.
Oh, and lastly for real, don't worry about making too much food for the rehearsal dinner; I can starve! ;) after all, what are friends for?

Sherlock said...

Oh it is all so exciting and I just can't wait to see pictures. I know everything will fall in place and you will have a perfect day. Everything will be beautiful - especially the bride!!

If you're not sleeping at night for long stretches of time, try some power naps during the day. I find that those little 20 min naps really help when my night time sleep isn't enough.

Jess and Glacier said...

Puddles: All of our beautiful Dachshunds are going to live with family members because of a few reasons. Glacier and I weren't working properly and needed to rebond and also because of our move. We didn't want to fly our little guys on an airplane in cargo for eight hours. So, Baloo is living with one of my best friends Lindsay, Aria is going to live with Mr. K's mom and Doc is going to live with my Uncle George. You're right-I should breathe. LOL
Shermeen: LMAO!!!!!! No starving for you and we'll make sure your hair is beautiful. :) Thanks *hug*.
Sherlock: Thank you. :) Naps...check. Good idea. I'll make sure pictures get put up for sure. :)
Thanks you guys.

L^2 said...

Oh, wow, all those last-minute details. I know you're stressing now, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I'm so excited for you, and I really hope you get (or got) some good sleep. *hugs*