Friday, April 08, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Hi everyone! Miss us yet? :) Roscoe's birthday was on  April sixth, so i thought I would feature him on today's Fun Fact Friday. (I will try to give you a very long winded update tomorrow. So, if you stop in, make sure you have some snacks stock piled).

Fifteen Fun Facts About Roscoe
1. Roscoe is a 68 pound black labrador.
2. Roscoe is one of the shaggiest labradors I have ever seen. His coat is quite thick and a bit fluffy. One of his nicknames if Shaggy Dog because of his fluffiness.
3. Roscoe is a talker. If you get his harness off the hook to go out to work, or if you are getting the dog dishes ready for breakfast/supper, he is constantly talking to you. He gets particularly vocal when it is working time though. No barking, just kind of grumbling. :)
4. Roscoe has the worst doggie breath you will ever smell. We don't know why. The vet says his teeth look good. I brush his teeth on a regular basis and he eats hard food and chews bones, which should help the breath situation. We had to switch his food a few times to find a food that didn't make his breath so bad. So, it's better than it was, but it's still awful.
5. Roscoe loves to give kisses. He is good at sneaking and giving you a wet one when you least expect it. His saliva is also slimy. We tease him by saying that he has Slimer tongue and that he should have been a Ghost Buster character. :)
6. Roscoe can kind of swim. If he is swimming out from shore and into the waves, he waves his front paws around like a maniac and ends up whacking the water up into his face. If he is swimming back to shore, with the waves, he does much better and his paws stay under the water where they belong.
7. Roscoe doesn't really have any bad habits except for having a certain affection for stinky things. If there is animal poop-not dog or cat-he will roll in it. We took him camping once and let him  and Glacier  off leash for a run and Roscoe found the dead fish along the shoreline and rolled in those too.
8. Roscoe is very patient. For a while he was having a lot of ear infections and I had to clean his ears quite frequently. He hates it, but he would hold still and let me pour the solution into his ear. He hates having his teeth brushed, but he waits patiently for me to get that done as well.
9. Roscoe may be patient when he is being groomed or if a little kid is pulling on his ears, but have him wait too long for a light to change so we can cross the street and he starts talking. He also  talks if he thinks we've waited long enough for the bus. If the harness is on, he figures he better be moving.
10. Do any of your dogs snore? Maybe we should have a snoring competition because Roscoe is the loudest  snorer ever! :) Sometimes he snores so loudly he wakes himself up. Once he was snoring away and Glacier got annoyed and kicked him to wake him up. You'd think they were married.
11. Roscoe is a good sized lab, but because Mr. K is six foot five, they have the longest harness handle that Leader Dogs makes. Next time, Mr. K may need a taller dog. He definitely couldn't get anyone shorter.
12. Roscoe is one of the best guidors I have ever seen. (I'm not sure that is a word. lol). If we go into a place once, it is a guarantee that all Mr. K has to do is tell Roscoe to "find the door" and he will get us right back out.
13. Roscoe also has quite a few nicknames.
-Moscoes (Mr. K's niece was not even two when he got Roscoe and that is how she pronounced his name).
-Shaggy Dog (for the reasons outlined above).
-Roscoe P Coaltrain (I'm sure you can figure that one out). :)
-Mr. Rudeness (given to him by our vet tech when he sat on Glacier's head when they were getting their annual check up).
14. If Roscoe is asked to "park," which is our "do your business" cue, he will squeeze out the smallest of pees just to make you happy. He was very helpful in potty training the puppies.
15. Roscoe and Glacier are best buddies. If we are out working and Roscoe is leading, he always looks over his shoulder to make sure we're right behind him. He loves curling p with Glacier on the same doggie bed even though we have two and ever since we left last Saturday he has been giving Mr. K a hard time because he misses his friend. If they both retire at the same time, we would have to find them a home where they could both go because by the time they are nine or ten, they will be incredibly attached to one another. Either that or we'll have to keep them with us together through their retirement. :)

So there is a small glimpse into the wonder that is Roscoe. We always joke that we have a polar bear (Glacier), a monkey (Aria), and a Moscoes (Roscoe) who is an animal all on to himself. :)


Jen said...

He sounds great!
Wouldn't fancy those smelly breath kisses though haha

Frankie Furter said...

Roscoe sounds just grrrrreat. YES I did miss you.

Amber DaWeenie said...

It's so nice to meet you, Roscoe. You swim da same way dat my pack mate Rusty, swims. He hits da water and tries to catch it in his mouth.

3 doxies said...

Well lookie who decided to post today...hehehe! Actually, I was getting a little concerned when you went MIA.
Roscoe sounds likes a ton of fun. I likes dat he talks too cuz we is big talkers around here.
What is funny is dat yu was talking bouts his bad breath and then da next thing you was talking bouts his kissies...hehehehe.


Kolchak Puggle said...

Awwww, I always love meeting another member of your gaggle of pups. I'll make sure to grab some trail mix and a coffe and come back tomorrow!

Sarge said...

Hey Roscoe!
Wow, you sound like a pawesome furiend. Don't worry about that breath...if you don't mind, no one else should either! BOL BWAR HAR
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP