Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"What's This Wednesday?"

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is the last Wednesday of March and that means we will be giving away VIP's Tug Ring. If you would like to be considered for the give away, please let me know in your comments. Glacier will be our picker this week: I will put everyone's names in a hat and hopefully he picks just one. :)
Happy Wednesday and remember to visit VIP if you get a chance.


browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Thanks for visitin'! Love y'alls comments.

What are you and Mr. K celebrating? Why are you whereing a crown, Jess?

Do not put me in the draw for the gift. My Human got me lots of new toys and another new bed for my birthday. 'Sides my Human said, at 100 lbs., I was too big to play tug.

I'll have to cover that another week, 'cause all the allergy posts caught my attention.

I'll be back to check on your trip to Leader Dog. My paws are crossed and I know my Human will keep y'all in her prayers.

Y'all stay safe now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

rottrover said...

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for helping me celebrate my Gotcha Day yesterday. I also wanted to wish you good luck in your re-training!!


Frankie Furter said...

I LOVE prize pressie give aways!!!

That is certainly a fun filled picture.

L^2 said...

I made it on time this week, and this is a very fun picture! I think it's you and Mr. K celebrating New Years together. You are in a red jacket and black shirt and he's wearing a blue and white plaid shirt. You both have one arm around each other, and in your other free hand your holding a drink. He's holding a drink and what looks like maybe a white cane in his free hand. You are also wearing what looks like a fun head band or something that says Happy New Year in sparkly letters. And you both have big smiles on your faces. :)

Also, Jack says he sure hopes Glacier picks him out for the tug toy prize.

3 doxies said...

Oooooh heck yea, I gots dis one fur sures!
You and your man is getting drunk while playin' pool! See, I am a smart one.

I also want to comment on how incredibly happy you both look togethers.


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

A Rum & Coke is a great way to ring in the new year with Mr. K!

Oskar said...

I would love to be entered to win!

Nubbin wiggles,

Jess and Glacier said...

Thanks for playing everyone. :)

Jess and Glacier said...

Oh silly me. I forgot to tell you what it actually was of.
New Year's Eve is right fot hose of you who guessed that-Puddles close enough-but no pool...that was Mr. K's white cane. I nearly busted a gut. I guess white canes could look like pool thingies couldn't they?