Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The House From Hell Has Its Last Laugh

So it's official: we are no longer living in the House From Hell. We got everything moved out by Sunday and Mr. K and I cleaned the horrible house as best we could. The last of our stuff was delivered ever so kindly by our friend to our new place probably around 7 Sunday night. It's been a long couple of days, but thankfully we're rid of that place. But not before it could get its last jab in.
As I said, Mr. K, our friend and I went back to the house on Sunday after having a very exhausting Saturday. Mr. K and I cleaned the place and our friend brought a load of things we weren't able to get the day before to the new place. I scrubbed the kitchen counters, sink, stove top and the island. I also attacked both bathrooms and even gave the tiles in the shower a good scouring. Meanwhile, Mr. K swept up sand/dog fur/shredded paper, mopped the floors and then went over them again with a vaccuum. We both filled a million garbage bags and dragged them out to the curb. Okay, maybe it wasn't a million, but it sure felt like it. Mr. K and our friend also checked the backyard over for holes and filled them in where necessary. Our furry little friends like to dig down to the cooler sand when its hot out and made quite a mess back there. At one point, Mr. K and I took a break, waiting for our friend to return with the shovel and vaccuum. We went out and sat on the front porch to enjoy the sunshine. It was a gorgeous day and we were both grateful the rain held off. We sat and chatted, remembering what we actually liked about the place. It was our first living space together as a married couple and so I guess it will always hold some kind of sentimental value that way, but we could also remember a lot of things we didn't like about it. I think teh house heard because when Mr. K leaned forward to get up, the front porch ripped the shorts he was wearing. Has anyone heard of a vindictive house? Well, I think I found one. LOL
Needless to say, we are much happier where we are now. We are kind of having to re-potty train the Dachshunds as the place is quite large and I think they think the carpet is a gigantic pee pad, but they're starting to get better and I am getting better at remembering to let them out excessively to ensure they potty outside.
Other than that, and the air conditioning unit needing to be charged, we love it here. We even got out yesterday and worked Roscoe and Glacier down to a little Mexican restaurant we found sort of by accident. The food is delicious and more than reasonably priced, so I'm sure we'll be heading back there sooner than later. Glacier did great navigating around parked cars, over uneven terrain and along sidewalkless roads.
So, even though the House From Hell managed to get in one last attack, I think we've won the war. :)


Jen said...

What an evil house! At least your outa there now.
Just curious, when your working a dog each, do they just concentrate on their handler or does one sometimes follow the other and get distracted by the same things as the other?
Usually when I'm with another guide dog owner, its often somewhere that O.J isn't familiar with, and sometimes it ends up being a race between the dogs to get in front.

Oskar said...

It sounds like great news. Have fun exploring the new house!

Nubbin wiggles,

Amber DaWeenie said...

Glad everyone made it out OK....well except for Mr. K's shorts. Hopefully you'll never have to think about that place again....only the good stuff.

Dog Foster Mom said...

Congratulations on getting out of the House from Hell. :-) Is it hard learning your way around the new house?

On an unrelated note, when you get a minute can you e-mail me? I don't have your e-mail address. You can e-mail me at dogfostermom@aol.com. Thanks!

Jess and Glacier said...

Thanks everyone. :) I am so excited-I even am feeling a bit domestic and bought a brownie package to bake some brownies on the weekend. I am the least domestic person you will ever meet. lol
Jen: Glacier and Roscoe still try to race sometimes, but they have been working together for their entire working career, so they have gotten pretty used to each other. Now, if we are out with working dogs they know, but haven't seen in a while, then there is some definite harness pulling going on. They usually don't get distracted by the same things though. We usually do some puppy push-ups or make them sit to re-focus them and they are pretty good...a leash correction may be necessary. Don't feel bad though. I think guide dog racing is inevitable. It should be its own sport. lol
Dog Foster Mom: you have no ida how many times I have whacked my forehead since moving into this place. It's much bigger than the last one and there are boxes and stuff piled everywhere. I trip all of the time too. I have also gotten turned around in the dining room thinking it was the living room and tried to go up the stairs in the wrong hallway-there weren't any stairs. LOL It's all part of the fun. :)