Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Inspired by a comment I received on Glacier's Fifteen Fun Facts, I thought that for the next few Fridays, I will do fun facts on all of my dogs; just to give you guys an easier and interesting read. I thought I would start with the Dachshund that started it all.

Fifteen Fun Facts About Aria

1. Aria weighed 1.8 pounds when we brought her home at the age of eight weeks.
2. Aria's birthday is June 10, 2010.
3. Mr. K found Aria on a website through Pet Finder. The woman selling her said that she was selling all of her puppies and breeding stock because she and her husband were now expecting a baby. We met them in a parking lot and took Aria right away and realised later that she was riddled with worms, but a quick visit to the vet the next day solved that problem and she quickly began gaining weight.
4. Aria now weighs a healthy seven pounds and thinks she is the boss in the house.
5. Aria has green eyes.
6. Aria barks at cats/squirrels and I think she thinks she should hunt them. (Made for a very interesting trip to my parents' at Christmas as they have two cats).
7. Aria's favourite pass time, when she is not running as fast as she can, is climbing. She will scale couches, climb piled boxes and managed to figure out that if she used the lattice work of the little pen we bought them to stick her little paws in, she could climb out of that too.
8. When Aria is not running or climbing, she is shredding paper. She even tried to shred an empty box that we had left over from our move.
9. Like a typical Dachshund, Aria is a burrower. Once everyone is settled in bed, she finds a place in the blankets where she can shove her nose under and wriggles her way deep into the blankets.
10. Doggie toothpaste is one of Aria's weaknesses. If I am brushing anyone other than Aria's teeth, I have to put her in her crate or outside because she will try to get into their mouths so she can have toothpaste.
11. Big dog toys are the only ones Aria wants. She carries around beef femur bones like they are toothpicks and lays claim to most of the big dogs' toys if they happen to show interest. That said, she is not toy aggressive and knows "drop it" and "leave it." She will also share when she wants someone to play with her.
12. Toys are not the only things that Aria has plenty of. She has at least five nicknames I can think of off the top of my head. They are:
"Fluffers," because she is a long haired Dachshund
"Fluffer Nutters," because she is a crazy long haired Dachshund
"Puppy Love," the first nickname I ever gave her
"Aria Marie" used when she is in trouble
"DJ Pee Pee Pants," given to her by Mr. K when she was still a tiny thing and learning how to potty outside and not in her crate.
13. She is a very tough little thing. When she was maybe two and a half months old, she was playing with Kyo, her most favourite of her brothers. She bit him with razor puppy teeth and he jumped back from her, but when he came back down from his leap of shock, he accidentally landed on her; all 80 pounds of him. I was not home, but Mr. K thought she was dead, but within a few hours she came around and is still completely fearless.
14. Aria has the smallest  tongue width wise, but it is very long and if you are not paying attention, she will dart it up your nose. Yuck! :)
15. Aria is not only our only baby girl, but she is our little Snow Queen. Not because she is cold and frigid, but because if there is snow outside, she is not coming back inside until every inch of her little body is covered in ice. She'll even wait for you to put her coat on if it means she can stay out and play in the snow longer.

Now you know a little bit more about Aria. Isn't she fantastic? I may be a bit biased, but it's impossible not to love her; even when she is pulling Doc's diaper off in an attempt to shred it. (More on the diapers later). :)
Have a great Friday.


Frankie Furter said...

Aria certainly DOES sound amazing. Just 7 pounds??? VERY tiny. I thought I was little at 10 pounds.
Thanks fur telling us all about Aria.

Jen said...

love it!
Aria Marie haha.

3 doxies said...

Oh we just loves Aria...then again, we could be a little bias...but, her does sound likes a a doxie in all da best ways;)
My brudder and sissy is long hairs but they don't burrow...SHOCKING! Be rest assured dat I do burrow.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Aria....a girl who is my twin. BOL

I tink dat my brudder, Max (DaOdderWeenie) is in love!

Brooke, said...

I really wish you could bring both Aria and Balloo :) She sounds like such a cool little girl and I'd love to meet her. Her birthday is the same day my grandma's was :)

Jess and Glacier said...

Amber: You can tell Max is a single woman! But she may need some wooing. lol
Puddles: yes, burrowing. We must have the burrowing. You are the perfect specimen of a Dachshund.
Franky: you are a small guy. :) Ten pounds is not very big.
Brooke: I know. I want you to meet her. She is so funny.
Jen: Mr. K came up with the name by accident and it stuck. :)