Sunday, March 20, 2011

Examples of Southern Hospitality.

This is Mr.K posting for my beautiful, talented and amazing wife. Some MORON decided to assume what she was capable of handling in regards to volunteering at a dog rescue. The person didn't ask any questions about what Jessica might be comfortable doing or what she thought she was capable of, just dismissed her because of finding out she was blind and asked her to donate money and walk in a one time fund raiser. Here is the e-mail and Jess and I's collaborative response.

Thank you for your response. I will be passing on any future involvement with your organization. Assuming that I can or cannot do something because I am blind is a narrow minded and discriminatory assumption. All of the things that you mentioned are things that could be easily handled and accommodated with little to no effort on your part but you did not even take the time to ask what I would be able to do you just assumed. Thank you for your consideration before finding out I was blind.

On 3/19/11, Laura Mitchell  wrote:
> Thank you both for volunteering your time to assist in finding homes for
> rescued pets.  Anne, you have been kind enough to assist in volunteering on
> Sundays 4-6pm at Wescott Acres, and it has taken you months to be able to
> learn where the pets are and how best to handle them in the busy environment
> that Sundays offer.  As you know, there are dogs that bite whom you must
> avoid.  Jessica, you would not be able to see the signs indicating that
> particular dogs are potential biters. That would be dangerous for you.

> In the two hours we are open on Sundays, we send home about 50 dogs with
> their families.  Things are hectic, crowded and fast-paced. This environment
> is not safe for you.  Many dogs that we are sending home are fussy, and
> expect you not to get too close to them.  You would not be able to see
> someone walking toward you who expected you to move over for them and their
> large dog to pass.  There are so many people in this area for two hours,
> that we all struggle to move around.  This would definitely be a crowded,
> confusing situation for you. 

> Had we known that you were blind, we would not have suggested that you
> become involved in the Sunday afternoon volunteering at Wescott Acres.
> There are many opportunities for involvement in our rescue group that would
> be comfortable for you.    Would you volunteer as a foster home for young
> puppies, or kittens who need to be bottle fed?  Or, Would you be willing to
> foster an older dog or one that just needs to get a little healthier in a
> "home environment" before coming to Wescott Acres to be adopted?   

> Would you be interested in joining our team efforts in Bark To the Park? We
> need volunteers to help get others involved!  We need recruiters!  There is
> a $25.00 registration fee to join a team and walk on Saturday, April 8th to
> support Pawmetto Lifeline and their efforts to save lives of shelter pets.
> Plenty of details are on our FaceBook page and Pawmetto Lifeline's web site!

> Let us know how you want to be involved! Thank  you!
> Laura
>  Laura owner
Wescott  Acres Rescue/Pet Luxury Resort/Grooming Salon


Brooke, said...

Is this the second one you mentioned in your previous post? the one you thought would work out well? or is this the one you had a suspicion wouldn't be worth checking out too closely? I thought your response was quite to the point and well written, please let me know what she responds with :)

Jess and Glacier said...

This was the one that I was hesitant about in the first place. I hope you enjoy her response. :P
PS: In this email she says that they have fifty dogs going home on Sundays. I looked up their organisation on Pet Finder and they only have 35 adoptable pets and a lot of them are cats. Where are the other thirty?

Torie said...

Jess that's not good. I mean they could just have you away from the dangerous dogs or what ever. And when she said that you wouldn't know when a dog was coming? You have ears don't you?

Good luck and let us know her response.


Jess and Glacier said...

Tory: I know right?! Her response is in the post from today.

Amber DaWeenie said...

I feel speechless. What a slap in the face. Some people seem to have a great case of "foot in mouth" disease. That is just terrible of this woman to "assume" anything. Geez!

Brooke, said...

Even with sighted people I would think calling out who's coming through would be a safer way to run things, especially if they're handling a dog with aggression. The only thing I could think of in regards to their claim of adopting out 50 animals every Sunday and only having 35 listed on Pet Finder would be that some are maybe in foster homes? Or maybe they're counting dogs they get last minute...still that's weird.

Was going to tell you more, but think I'll e-mail instead lol!seeing you last!!

Jess and Glacier said...

Amber's Mom: This attitude is much more common than you would think. Actually, practically every rescue I have tried to volunteer with in this area has had similar attitudes. This woman was isn't very bright, so actually said it out loud. LOL
Brooke: I agree. When I was riding horses we yelled "door" when we were just about to come through so we didn't run anyone over. Even the sighted/able-bodied riders did this. My question is, if these dogs are so aggressive, why are they being adopted out?